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Here’s how it ain’t about Hallowed Ground.

IF “Hallowed Ground” meant ANYTHING to ANYONE of those chanting it, they would be renouncing anything but Tepees there. STFU. So sick of your f’ng hypocrisy.  This country was founded by ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. Ask any Native if they want your Anglo ass here. Just because they did not have an Ellis Island does not diminish what we did. So, it just stinks of hypocrisy when we start going MINE MINE anywhere on this continent. Get over yourselves. This ain’t yours, it ain’t mine. We inherit it from our ancestors and bestow it to our descendants.

IF you had any TRUE appreciation for Hallowed Ground, you would be able to see the Bay from midtown. It is what it is, it ain’t what it ain’t.

The concept of Hallowed Ground does not begin with what America thinks it owns. Other people, long before us held that land sacred, and we did not give two shits about that did we. Is it only wrong when it offends US? Balderdash.

Fakes and phonies.


Fool me once, shame on you

Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

You know what stinks in being a responsible human? Having to take responsibility. It is difficult, oh, I get that. People DO NOT want to do it. I don’t always want to.  But we gotta.   The worst though, is when you have to own up to your part in your own frustrations. When people screw you over and you have to have a long talk with your SELF to determine just how it got this far.

You wanted to believe. And it gets thrown in your face. Nobody made you want to believe, even if they encouraged your delusion with hyperbolic expressions of charity. You, you still are responsible for wanting to believe. No gun to your head. No threats to your person. Just a lack of awareness that blindsides you. Still, we are responsible for both our actions AND expectations even and especially, when we let them override our awareness of how things ARE, as opposed to how we WANT them to be.

People lie right to your face. You cannot stop them.  People are gunning for number one, make no mistake. You cannot force them to realize their selfishness.  But what you can do, is be aware of the folly.  Shake it off knowing that you can change you.   Conquer the desire to want, even if it is to trust. Accept them as they are, expect nothing, and be pleasantly surprised when anyone does anything for someone else.   Do not doubt that they will, nor should you simply hope.  If something good is to be done, do it, and let others follow if they choose.

The Dharma Wheel turns so that nothing sticks to it. Turn, turn, turn.


You cannot stop people from trying to take advantage of you, they will do what it takes to get what they want, but you can stop them by releasing their hold on you.   Having nothing they can take even if you are left naked with your integrity alone.

Anger is just a mask An Ode to Logic

Anger is just a mask

For failed expectations.

If we had no expectations of being treated fairly, why would it anger us or even surprise us when we are not?

It wouldn’t.

Expectations are the seeds of disappointment.

The question is, how do we live without fostering this human nature of expecting based on our own personalities, desires and       hope?

it is a sticky one.

But I know that I am never angry, when I see it coming.  It is when I tell myself, surely, surely, not. But that is my hope talking not my logic.

Hope! Ha. Expectation and hope are intrinsically linked. You have to believe without proof which will only follow and can be justified or regretted.

Yep. Logic is the way to go. We don’t always like what we hear, but maybe we will, but it is solid. No denying that.

sans attentes.

Doing what is right…

bears it’s own reward.

Like when Arjuna was shooting those animals in the forest. I always thought that was so barbaric, and cruel. But I missed the point.

It was specifically the joy he seemed to experience when he shot those birds through the heart. I thought, wow, that does not seem right, does it?

Our ideas of heroes generally do not include those who relish taking life. But this is not what it was about.

He was hitting the target. He aimed his arrow, and was spot on. This was his dharmic gift. Hitting the target, not taking the life.

I find myself wondering why, like I bet a lot of people do, why I am the way I am. Direct or rude?  Forthright or cruel?  Straightforward or curt?

It all depends on whom you ask. Really.  So, I must now assume that those who find my manner brusque, see me as the Arjuna who likes taking life, while the rest appreciate me as someone who relishes taking aim.

Regardless, I sleep well at night, and I am comfortable inside and out of the illusion.

follow tao.

i goes away.

what is left

is right.

This one is for my friends and family.

Y’all know me. You know I am not afraid of much and I am lucky to be loved as I am, because god knows it ain’t easy. But today, on this beautiful sunny day, I sit in Ruta Maya and from the balcony I watch strangers learn to Salsa dance together with the thick smog of coffee wafting up to greet me, it is today, that I declare a full on war with the greedy, selfish, ignorant assholes who seem to be in  charge or taking over.

It is on. I will take you down. I have been pretty nice up til now, but I am officially pissed off. I am angry at the egocentric moronic thieves who think they can go about stealing people’s trust and ipods, and walk around free thinking they have gotten away with something.

You haven’t. i know who you are, and I am coming after you. I will not rest, until I call you out, and set you straight. This is my dharma, this is my duty, and I am happy, nay, joyful to have come to terms with it. You-you assholes, who steal, and lie, and are fake and phoney, the ones who think not once at all about taking advantage of the trust someone gives you, politicians, milkmen, sports guys and girls, ladies, dudes, gentlemen and broads–if you have it in your mind to take advantage of someone, anyone, know this–i am coming after you, and i will get you, and when i am done, you will have no questions regarding righteousness as the gypsy sees it.

you have been warned. i am on a mission from shiva.

you brought this on yourself, i am merely delivering your karma.

the conch blows, as i stand on the field of kurushetra, i have officially had enough of this.

so, feel free to carry on your evil ways, la zingaro will have the last word.

hand me  gandiva, halter the horses, blow the conch.

The Bodhisattva Waits

I am neither proud nor ashamed. “I” am not. Most people would give up. Most people would throw their hands in the air, exclaiming—‘what can I do?’, and respond to themselves, ‘nothing.” That is bullshit.
You can always do something. I hate dealing in ‘oughts’. It is not my place to tell people to feed the hungry, stop raping in Darfur, cease oppression in The Land of the Snow Lion. But to sit on your ass, bitching about how shitty your life is, and that is all, well, goddamn, here goes, you didn’t ask, but I am telling you—Do something! Anything.

A lot of folks out there, have it so much worse, than “I”, or “you”. Ha. The most preposterous conclusion is that there is a difference.

I don’t go for that touchy feely mumbo jumbo of—oh sweet day, we are all one, yay, flower behind the ear, peace sign crap. But the truth is, we are all one, and that doesn’t necessarily evoke in me feelings of love and warmth. Because I do not say we are all one, emptily, aye, no. Not just the good, hippie, all is one on mushrooms, malarkey, no, we are also all one with the asshole, warmongering, wasteful, neglectful, willfully ignorant jerks, too. That is yin and yang, baby! So, when “I” say, ‘we are all one’, I am not speaking of ‘Barrett-Browning love’ unless you also include ‘Virginia Woolf love’.

What I mean is that if you are here, on this planet, and I am here, on this planet, right now, we share a tremendous common bond, that for my liking, has been far too long disregarded. How this escapes people every freaking day, how they continue to waste opportunity after another to embrace this wonderment, is beyond me.

And I am sad, for everyone who doesn’t get it. Anyone, who does not see that we have a chance here for something incredible, and all it takes is respect for one another. The answer is FREE. But it comes at a cost. You have to open your minds, let go of prejudices, and break free from the illusion you have so carefully constructed. Yeah, I know, it is difficult, but POSSIBLE.

Peace is possible, but it has to come from inside to reconnect us on the outside.
Now, that sounded fruity to me, but I stand behind it from both a philosophic and psychological standpoint.

People just don’t want it bad enough. The Bodhisattva waits.

letting go, work in progress

I have spent a great deal of my time being frustrated and angry lately at the world, at my periphery, and lastly but greatest with myself.

All anger leads back to home eventually, doesn’t it? Yes, it does, and I realize this even if, I have yet, realized how to dispense with it. But I feel very close, close to letting go, forever. A death of the self, a release of the illusion. The Self is slipping away.

After all, I am not angry at Chinese people on behalf of Tibet, I am exasperated with the karma of oppression.  I am not mad at my friend because she is lazy, I am agitated that laziness exists.  I am not angry with myself because I do not try to remain attached, because I most certainly do, I am angry because attachment, is.

I struggle, like everyone.

With the Lunar New Year upon us, I find myself, for what that is worth, at the end of my third cycle.  It has created a shift, like Tectonic Plates, a collision of two moments, the past and the present, manifesting a new path which is the future.  It is more than just the moments day to day. This feels 12 years coming. I am exhausted, but ready.  I have discovered the source of perpetuation.  Now, I shall live forever, if I choose.

I am let go.

I have never meant to destroy any Thing, but the illusion. At times I am a typhonic tornadocane, at others, a small trickle capable of carving the Grand Canyon.  The pressure creates friction and at once, mountains are made, valleys are carved, and deep crevasses collect oceans of rain.  Siva. Krisna.  Special nod to the one and only Lord Vimilakirti.  And with most respect, The Bhagavad Gita, it is essential for everyman.

It is with great love, always.


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