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Why Gays and Lesbians Should Never Argue Scripture

I am the one who has twisted, rewrote and omitted scriptures­? Ha. I think your beef is with the Canonizati­on Council. Get a copy of the Apochrypha and get back to me and tell me who is twisting what. I am not attacking your faith, but your lack of knowledge of your faith. Biblical basis? You do know that the books that are in the NT were cherry picked by a group of pope wanna bes who crafted it to say exactly what they wanted, right? You do know that that is not the entire collection of Apostolic Testaments­, right? Book of Thomas?1 Esdras Esdras Additions to Esther 1 Macabees 2 Macabees Tobias Judith Wisdom Sirach Baruch Epistle of Jeremiah Susanna Prayer of Azariah Prayer of Manasseh Bel and the Dragon Laodiceans­.???
If these were not included, then someone EDITED this book you wield, and doesn’t that give you pause? I mean how do you determine what is more or less holy? And how do you trust that this incarnatio­n/edition is not edited just to serve mankind’s folly and bigotries? Answer: You don’t.
But you probably didn’t know all that. So I will let that sink in. Get back to me.
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Christine O’Donnell: ‘Thug’ Tactics Responsible For Campaign Finance Accusations

“Federal law prohibits candidates from spending campaign money for personal benefit. FEC rules state that this prohibitio­n applies to the use of campaign money for a candidate’­s mortgage or rent “even if part of the residence is being used by the campaign,”

“She acknowledg­ed in a newspaper interview in March that she paid part of her rent with campaign money, arguing that her house doubled as a campaign headquarte­rs.”

Nuff said.

Anyone supporting this twit should be tried for idiocy. She broke the law and if she has been running for Senate for 5 years and didn’t know the law then she is an idiot. If she did know the law and disregarde­d it, she is a criminal. Either way, she is a loser. Not sure how even anyone could defend her at this point.
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Tom Coburn: ‘Apocalyptic Pain’ Could Result If Spending Isn’t Controlled

#1. Why does every thing have to apocalypti­c?Tired of them shoving Revelation­s down my throat like Michelle Obama wants to shove vegetables and healthy food choices into our obese children’s chubby little sweaty diabetic dirty hands. #2 My eyes played tricks on me and naturally I read the two words as Apocalypti­c Palin. I think this should be the title of her third book.
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Joe Miller Considering Whether To Continue Legal Fight: ‘We’re Obviously Rational’

Cave? Hmm. They compromise­d and accomplish­ed, lets see, Health Care Reform, repeal of DADT, START Treaty, UI Extention, Zadroga Bill and have managed to not start any new wars in two years (which is apparently hard to do for Republican­s). So far, all the Republican­s have done is secure tax breaks for their rich friends and assured that corporatio­ns both get to ship jobs overseas, not pay taxes and overrun election fund raising, all which have destroyed our economy. Yeah, they aren’t looking too Pro-Americ­a.
Fighting isn’t always great, and compromisi­ng isn’t always caving. If I could lend you the capacity to pay attention, I so would.
More on Elections 2010
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Haste makes waste.

I want to believe.

This sickens me.

I have made my best attempt to flee bitterness and a jaded state, but what can I do? Motherfuckers continue to disappoint me. In my mind, I know, it is an illusion. But my “heart” still holds out that my reason is wrong and that mankind is inherently good. I am certain the outcome of such a scurrilous discoveries will only enforce my misanthropy to an unbearable degree.

Expectations are the seeds of disappointment. I have learned that lesson. However, as logical as I strive to be, there is a weak yet overpowering desire in me to hope. I curse myself! Hope. Even thinking it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Fuck hope. Fucking hope. Hope can kiss my ass. Hope don’t build bridges, craftsmen do. Hope don’t fill a bowl. Farmers do. Hope don’t do a goddamn thing. ‘Cept waste a shitton of time.  Save your hope, man, and give me action every day.

The Buddha said, “I do not see what is done, I see what needs to be done.”  And then you do it. But I got so wrapped up in fucking America and what not and now, man it is so ugly here and I miss not paying attention.  But it is not actually my bitterness that disturbs me, it is my willingness to believe charismatic leaders who tell me what Wikileaks will reveal as a lie. How do you ever get a fair shake when the people you trust are lying right to your face while they and the banks roll in fat stacks of cash made by the criminally despicable practice of foreclosures as your beloved country crumbles making billionaires richer?

I have trust issues. No doubt. An exact microcosmic replica exists in my workplace, and in your workplace. This is the fractals of karma. It is so goddamn ridiculous that I can barely stand to take part in society anymore. One step away from living with wolves. BY PREFERENCE.

This is not that though.

It is about coming clean.

I jumped the gun. I sowed my seeds of expectation and did not reap what I imagined I would. Is that Obama’s fault? No. No. No. That is all me.  And man. I hate this tax compromise. But I appreciate compromise. I am so proud of the repeal for DADT, that even if Obama did not secure the START treaty nor MISSION ACCOMPLISH the ZADROGA Bill, well lets just say I was reticent to believe he could get any let alone all of this done. And I was wrong. I was temporarily bitter. And that was hasty.  I apologize President Obama.

Do not get me wrong. I am still bitter. And jaded. I do not implicitly trust anyone. No Dem, Pub, Lib, Con. I view the world through indiscriminately squinted eyes. My dad taught me that. But I have to give props were they’re due. I was too quick to deride you. I apologize for my emails. I just wanted what was best for my brethren and if we have to trade taxes for human rights and dignity, I shall not judge the path you take. Thank you. I am sorry.

I spoke too soon.  (I still don’t trust anyone, but I shan’t blame them when they don’t hold their words, because that does not necessitate my believing them. Sadly Hume was right, we can never “know” Zuangzi told me so.)

Fucking hope. Gets me every time.

Obama Press Conference: President Speaks Before Holiday Trip

I just cannot believe he pulled this off. DADT, START, 1st Responders and whether you like it or not he held his promise for taxes to remain cut for the middle class. Yes the billionair­es are gifted, but you cannot deny what just happened here. Wow.
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Right now I am intensely interested in finding out everything I can about revolution. So I am reading The Communist Manifesto by Marx and Engels. Common Sense by Thomas Paine. The State by Vladimir Lenin. Stalin was an asshole. Lenin was a Leninophile. And I am convinced Marx and Engels hated mankind, overshadowed by their own overinflated senses of self-importance.

Thomas Paine is a wonderful writer. I am certain that I am not biased as I can see some fine points about Marx and Lenin, and perhaps it is a cultural thing that disables me from understanding exactly what their motivations were. But Paine, his words are so beautiful, so logical, so American. And I do not normally get all googlie goo about America. This neo-bigoted patriotism that is catching these days had really put me off.  In reading Paine, one understands why we were proud to begin with and how we could get back to deserving that kind of pride. We have strayed, no doubt. But his words are there, to be read by anyone who wishes to know how America became great in the first place. And how we might return to greatness.

Please check him out. Second best thing I have read from America since Thoreau. And you all know how I feel about H. D.

just a love letter to change.

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