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Stewart Takes On Middle East Hypocrisies Revealed By WikiLeaks (VIDEO)

I didn’t say only food. Rights. Freedoms. Oil you say? Why oil? Could it be that a very few are taking advantage of many and keeping all the profits? I shan’t waste my time arguing complex ideas with the obtuse. Good day.
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George Bush Praises Obama, Talks WikiLeaks & Admits He’s Just Trying To Sell Books In Facebook Webcast

“I think the idea of putting more troops in was something that I can applaud,”
This should give Obama pause (and shame).
“I also appreciate some of the education position. As I understand it they do believe strongly that accountabi­lity is necessary in order to achieve excellence in the classrooms­.”
Accountabi­lity = excellence­? Call The Hague. Let’s make him fanfreakin­tastic.
“I’ve written this book because I recognize there’s no such thing as accurate short-term history. I want to give future historians a perspectiv­e: mine,”
Because hey, why not, been tellin’ my version all along…
Bush said, “Leaks are very damaging and people who leak ought to be prosecuted­.”
Yeah, Ask Valerie Plame and Karl Rove about that.
And then I could read no more without vomiting. The logical disjunctio­n that eddies about him is dizzying and I lay on my floor discombobu­lated.
Never saw anyone so…broke from reality.
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John Fiala, Texas Priest, Charged With Hiring Hitman To Kill Teen Who Accused Him Of Sexual Abuse

Here is the thing. I know that as a Buddhist, the whole world is not looking to me, but to the Dalai Lama, for the Ultimate example of how to behave, forgive, assist and live, but I take the responsibility of providing an example VERY seriously. If someone sees me lie, steal, kill, rape…then they will have no other logical deduction than to credit my participation in Buddhism as either hypocritical or they might assume that Buddhism is flawed. I am not perfect for sure, but every step I take, I am mindful of what it says to my fellow man regarding the Philosophic Path I have taken. I do not behave the way I do on behalf of Buddhism, I reflect upon Buddhism to help me determine the way I behave.

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My thoughts to Tom Udall…

Honestly, I just don’t think it matters what we want anymore. This new security just so happens to be the result of a lobbying push by the people who make the machines necessary for this change.
I have always appreciated your care in such matters, and in no personal reflection upon you Sir, but it just doesn’t matter what we want, corporations own our government.
Respectfully yours,

Michael Brea MURDER? ‘Ugly Betty’ Actor Slayed Mom: Reports

You have no freakin’ idea. Ha. I laugh in your generalizing direction. There are a million types of mental illness including the one the majority of the entire earth’s population suffers from (buying into the illusion). I know plenty about schizophrenia, synaptic and religious. Your obvious anger diminishes whatever message you are trying to put out there. Which I gather is (correct me if I am wrong): Only you know how to deal with mental illness and everyone else’s way is wrong. Is that about right? You don’t know me. You don’t know who I know. You don’t know what I know. Go diagnose someone else’s sins woncha?
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Leo Berman is an asshole. Or at least his staff are.

I just called Texas Representative Leo Berman to protest his idiocy of Birther Reform. The old bitty on the other end, totally hung up on me. Is that how you represent Texas? By buying into ignorance and then hanging up on them? This man needs to be voted out. Let’s go. Oh hell no. You don’t hang up on your constituents. That is some straight up bullshit.

Willow Palin Facebook Posts: Homophobic Slurs, Curse Words & More (PHOTOS)

Maybe she did. Would not surprise me a bit. What I find most disturbing is Bristol taking part. She is a mother now, is that how she will raise her child to behave? She needs to grow up. The little one is a minor. But Bristol is an “adult” who should be setting an example of grace and maturity, if not for her sister, for her baby.

You do not prove your superiority over people by cursing them out and calling them offensive homophobic names. In fact you achieve the exact opposite. I did not always agree with my family, but I would never embarrass them in public by behaving so ignorantly. I do not expect all teenagers to understand how to take the high road, but if her parents were raising her properly, she ought to know better than to call someone a “faggot”. As my father would say, That girl’s got a lot of class. It’s all low, but she’s ripe with it.
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