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Balanced Budget Amendment Fails In House Vote

So I’m clear, you believe corporatio­ns and a coagulatio­n of cells deserve the same rights?
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The world is on the brink of Revolution. And I couldn’t be happier. I hate what is going on in NYC and the other #OWS camps, but the PDs will find that if you break up peaceful protesting  you are taking away the last refuge a hungry, angry crowd has. And if science/history tell us anything, it will not turn out well for those who seek to silence the citizens of this nation.

Egypt, Libya, US. We all want change and we won’t settle for cake.


I’m back! A blog of re-introduction.

I’m back! A blog of re-introduction..

Welcome back Joe! Don’t ever change.


Check out my friend’s blog.  He is straight up the real deal. Nice work Joe!

Conditional Dependence and Buddhism

A young girl and her father walked hand in hand through a peach grove. The father stops and plucks a fresh peach from a tree and hands it to his daughter.

“It’s soft.” She said.

The father reached and grabbed himself a ripe peach.

“Take a bite. “ He encouraged her through his example.

Both bit into the fruit as juice gushed and ran down their chins.

“And juicy!” The little girl squealed with glee.

The pair found an old stump to sit on as they enjoyed their bounty.

“Daddy?” The girl queried.

“Yes, baby girl?”

“Where do peaches come from?”

“From the tree, you just saw me pick it.” The dad laughed.

“And where does the tree come from?” She countered.

At this time the father was revealing the stone of his fruit so he used it to illustrate.

“Ya see this here, that’s a stone or a pit, some people call it a seed. They’re inside every piece of fruit that tree grows. And so, if you plant one of those stones and you care for it, water it, trim it if necessary, it matures long enough to bear fruit, which we then pick and eat. Yum!”

The girl looked perplexed.

“Whats the matter honey, don’t you understand?”

“No Daddy I understand but where does the seed come from?” The girl said very seriously.

The father wrinkled his brow. How does one explain evolutionary biology to an eight year old?

He sighed, “Baby girl, that’s a long story, so right now, why don’t we just enjoy this peach?”

“Ok Daddy.”

Bam! That’s logic fo’ ya!

After battling with Atheists for what seems like months, I took my questions to the man. That is Dr. Glenn Joy. I don’t expect you to accept my adoration for him as credence but I think it is fair to note that, not only is he the best Logic instructor I ever had, he has been a Professor of Philosophy since 1965. His specialty is Logic but we had a heck of a time together studying Religion Vs. Science. (Best class ever!) He is my Annie Sullivan. I owe him a great deal and I am eternally grateful for his continued support on my journey. Dr. Joy is a joy, that is for sure.

At any rate, this is for my atheist friends. The irony about Atheism is that there are a variance of ways that people define it. Some say it is a disbelief, some say it is a lack of belief, others say they claim there is no god, while again others aver that they never make claims. Who is right?? Aye dios mio! Pun intended. Its wrecked out there. In the highest form of irony, each Atheist with each competitive view asserts their definition is the ULTIMATE one. Adorable!

Ok, shall we? The three following issues are what come up most often:

Some atheists contend that atheism is a “lack of belief” (which is harmless enough I suppose), but then make the broad leap to universality and so “deduce” that anyone who lacks a belief in god is an atheist. This is not a valid argument.

Secondly, some atheists contend that atheism is not a choice. Which is ironic because they usually do so after telling you about all the evidence they’ve weighed (weighing in itself is a choice, hello), yet still somehow attempt to conclude that despite having researched and pondered that no choice was made to OFFICIALLY call oneself a distinction that was not innate. Innerestin’.

And thirdly, and the only point I have ever tried to make, yet Atheists get distracted by argumentation, is that I just find it truly ironic that Atheists hate the idea of god but have molded their entire lives around disputing what they consider a myth. This is the argument for Conditional Dependence. They are verily dependent upon the concept (not existence, just the concept) of god in their very own Self Definitive Terminology. No one else finds that absurd? To define yourself, make a twitter account, FB, tumblr, just to defeat what you think is a myth? Is it that you can’t find any better way to help the world than arguing for your disbeliefs?
What a waste. Religion is a symptom of the problem. The problem is a failure in logic, until we address that, Religion is just a distraction and Atheism is part and parcel of that distraction.

And yet in another case of irony; Atheists use the same logical structuring in their arguments as Theists. The rub is that Atheists have attempted to hijack Logic and make it mean what ever they want it to. I feel sure it is because they have never attempted to reach outside their own consciousness and that signals to me a resignation of critical thinking. But don’t take my word for it. Here are 3 questions I posed to Dr. J. The same questions I have been posing to atheists for months. If any one atheist can dispute this, I will praise your name across the interwebs.

Another for your brain
9:27 AM (3 hours ago)

to Glenn
Ok. This one is just for me.
Is it (can it be) logically supported to say:

It is possible for a belief to exist without a countering disbelief to exist yet impossible for a disbelief to exist without an initial belief?

And for giggles, what is your definition of Atheism.

Bonus: Do you think a disbelief and a lack of belief are the same?

Sorry, but I am needing some logic or my brain is going to collapse.

Hope you’re well. At your leisure, naturally. Have a great day!



Glenn Joy
10:12 AM (3 hours ago)

to me
I’m giving a logic exam as I write.

People have believed in the external world even when there were no idealists.
Since it is an “ism” I think it involves the actual disbelief in god/gods. Babies aren’t atheists.
People can lack a belief in the existence of other galaxies without disbelieving their existence.

10:59 AM (2 hours ago)

to Glenn
I am most grateful. Logic, indeed is my religion! Praise Venn!



Anyone care to try?

Liz Cheney: Herman Cain Can Survive Sexual Harassment Charges

Please. Spare me. It is obvious that sex scandals only count against you if you are a Democrat. Craig. Foley. Myers. Spitzer. Vitter. Cain. All their dalliances are being dismissed as “unimporta­nt”, while the GOP spent millions of dollars prosecutin­g a bj. It ain’t about LYING because if it were then every politician would get impeached. Give me a break. Anthony Weiner and Clinton were publicly pitchforke­d and ran out of town. The irony is that it is the GOP who claims to own Family Values. But don’t let that stop you from justifying your guy’s actions. Bollocks!
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