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Confusion dispelled: Kshatriyas

I find it humorous when people who do not like what I have to say accuse me of being a poor excuse for a Buddhist in their expert opinions. I have never once claimed to be a spokesperson, representative or otherwise of Buddhism. Ever. I defy the classification. I practice Buddhism, but I am not a Buddhist. I never implied that my practice makes me perfect nor a perfect example of how to behave. Everyone has their own path. (Ironic that people judging me and lecturing me about Buddhism don’t realize that.)

I understand the confusion because of the history I have of championing Buddhist thought, Buddhist philosophers, Buddhist influences but there is a huge difference between adoring and promoting ideals you find intriguing, and asserting some illegitimate claim to a non existent throne. I am not the queen of Buddhism. Never said I was. Will never say I am. (Buddhist pun). I am a student of Nagarjuna. I have never read anything quite as elucidating as his Mulamadhyamakakarika regarding the essence of reality and logic. Mind blowing! I believe the bundle of conditions into which I was born has set me up to represent the spirit of Vimalakirti. I strive for the freedom of Zhuangzi and I find comfort in the dictation of Laozi. Their philosophies changed my life for the infinitely better. I hope my respect for them shows through when I continue their search for meaning and the ability to let go of the need for it.

So that is that. I am not so much a religious Buddhist, although I do meditate. I know that it is in man’s nature to need to quantify every bit of data they take in, so for those of you who wish you understand my religious leanings, I would encourage you to learn all you can about the Bhagavad Gita as this can be seen as the most profound spiritual guide I have discovered in my quest. A quest that has spanned over 20 years, a search for the ultimate truth. I highly recommend Eknath Easwaran’s translation. Out of the six I’ve studied, it is by far the best and I believe available on line. The truth “is” is not that I “am” a Buddhist. If you must call me something, I recommend


In essence, I believe I was born into the dharma of public service. It is not always pleasant, but it is a necessary job. My dedication to the truth stems from a belief that every conflict begins with a misunderstanding. The only way to clear up a misunderstanding is to get to the truth. Some people like to dance around this process. I am not one of those people. I will not apologize as a practicing buddhist for being true to my Kshatriya dharma. I find it possible, nay, inevitable that the two concepts are not separate. I understand people like to wallow in the mire of misunderstanding rather than face an unpleasant truth. My view is that it is not compassionate to stand by and allow that to happen without at least saying something. (And that regardless of how detrimental or damaging their actions have potential to be, people do not always appreciate reasonable input.) What I say may change no one’s mind. I only can plant seeds, I cannot tell them how to grow. But I fail to see the compassion in allowing another fellow human being make a huge mistake with out at least trying to reason with them, regardless of how uncomfortable it is. If reason doesn’t work, you keep reaching in your tool box for ways to approach the situation with the least bit of devastation possible. I couldn’t live with myself if I watched others destroy themselves without just pointing out how their fates were their own.
It is a metaphor, just like the Gita, but until order is restored, someone has to police the chaos. Kshatriya.

Lord Krishna

Namaste Lord Krishna.


Islam and birth control #RushIsSharia

Islam and birth control.


Funny how they were for it for centuries and now they have the same kind of defenses we are suffering from in the Anglo/Judeo/Jesus crowd.

Rush Limbaugh would fit in nicely.

I’m back! A blog of re-introduction.

I’m back! A blog of re-introduction..

Welcome back Joe! Don’t ever change.


Check out my friend’s blog.  He is straight up the real deal. Nice work Joe!

Dear Idiots…You know who you are.

Got into a battle of wits with an unarmed attacker on twitter over the last few weeks who barked up the wrong tree with her Talking Points and obvious deficiency in logic. Even though I have covered this MULTIPLE times in my life, blog, conversations and swears/prayers, allow me to revisit the topic of Freedom of Choice.

Freedom of Choice is NOT the desire to kill babies. Unlike the multitude of “Pro-Life” adherents who are vastly PRO Death Penalty, and PRO War, I am not at all concerned with, nor consumed with Life nor Death in my belief that the US guarantees Freedom of Choice. I hate abortion, I think it is a terrible option to a COMPLETELY PREVENTABLE dilemma. Would I kill someone to make that point? Hell to the no. (But I bet those rallying against the guaranteed Freedom, couldn’t send troops to die fast enough or an inmate to the syringe before their foaming mouths dried.)  I am so sick of people mistaking themselves as “Pro Life” when they are so obviously busy-body, controlling, pathetic, nosy, sanctimonious assholes. If you are “Pro Life” and, as well, Pro Death Penalty, and Pro War (which ironically most of any fits the bill of all) then you are an obtuse hypocrite. Oh, I realize you probably don’t understand all those words, as you most likely dropped out of school in 6th grade, but look them up. Say it with me–dic-tion-ary.

So next time one of you ill informed, willfully ignorant jack tards wants to step to me, save yourself the trouble and go wrestle a stump. You have no argument for your idiocy that I have not covered in my many essays on this topic. If you have the time to look up every other word, I encourage you to sift through this blog, all your inane bombast has been responded to and dispatched with accordingly. So, in closing, get bent you inbred, illiterate, anti-American, Freedom destroying twats. The US is no place for dictators and religious fanatics who wish to diminish the Freedoms our Forefathers promised us.

Saving the Planet is Anti-Christian

This has me so angry I am shaking.   Liars. Liars. Liars. Look, if you don’t want to recycle, DON’T! But to go this far to spread lies based on your own fear, I cannot forgive this, right now. It will probably take me all day.



Saving the Planet is Anti-Christian.


This is a response to a huffpo thread that was moderated (surprise) but fortunately I copied it. It best represents a small part of my views on the illegitimate use of the Bible as a substitute for personal responsibility.


My morality does not come from a 2000 year old news report. When I determine what is right, it is by critical thinking that utilizes awareness, philosophy, science and compassion as a common sense. I cannot refute [your] quotes because you obviously wish to leave the burden of your choices and their ramifications at someone else’s door. I don’t do that. I own my mistakes. I do not praise or blame a book for my failings. So I am sorry, but your inability to express your moral system without the use of a guide written 2000 years ago precludes us from having any rational discussion on the matter of right and wrong in this Current Era. I shan’t waste another moment of your time.
St. Thomas Aquinas argued that the greatest gift God every gave humans was the Gift of Reason. I find it not only a shame, but the ultimate disgrace to God when humans disregard Reason in pursuit of segregation and intolerance. But that is between you and your God. Best of luck.”

Congratulations Soldier Family!

Today DADT was halted. I am proud of this nation right now. Before I bask in the wonder of this actually happening I would like to address the naysaying that is being directed to Obama.

He could have come in here gangbusters and forced the disbandment of DADT. He tried to get the dialogue going before GOP filibustered. But how telling and awesome is it that this unfolding justice is the result of the Log Cabin Republicans? Fucking brilliant. Brilliant on Obama’s part. Brilliant. Now when they want to start pointing fingers…

I don’t worry though, in 50 years they will be touting themselves as the liberating (collective) party that freed the homosexuals. Pssht.

Now when the GOP tries to Patriot Act us again, they will be AGAIN at odds with their own party. Not the Dems. No, the LCR challenged this, and won! Let the infighting begin, again.

So on this day, I would like to congratulate those soldiers affected by DADT on finally getting the freedoms for themselves that they have fought for us to have for so long.

Mazel Tov! Yes.

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