Dear Idiots…You know who you are.

Got into a battle of wits with an unarmed attacker on twitter over the last few weeks who barked up the wrong tree with her Talking Points and obvious deficiency in logic. Even though I have covered this MULTIPLE times in my life, blog, conversations and swears/prayers, allow me to revisit the topic of Freedom of Choice.

Freedom of Choice is NOT the desire to kill babies. Unlike the multitude of “Pro-Life” adherents who are vastly PRO Death Penalty, and PRO War, I am not at all concerned with, nor consumed with Life nor Death in my belief that the US guarantees Freedom of Choice. I hate abortion, I think it is a terrible option to a COMPLETELY PREVENTABLE dilemma. Would I kill someone to make that point? Hell to the no. (But I bet those rallying against the guaranteed Freedom, couldn’t send troops to die fast enough or an inmate to the syringe before their foaming mouths dried.)  I am so sick of people mistaking themselves as “Pro Life” when they are so obviously busy-body, controlling, pathetic, nosy, sanctimonious assholes. If you are “Pro Life” and, as well, Pro Death Penalty, and Pro War (which ironically most of any fits the bill of all) then you are an obtuse hypocrite. Oh, I realize you probably don’t understand all those words, as you most likely dropped out of school in 6th grade, but look them up. Say it with me–dic-tion-ary.

So next time one of you ill informed, willfully ignorant jack tards wants to step to me, save yourself the trouble and go wrestle a stump. You have no argument for your idiocy that I have not covered in my many essays on this topic. If you have the time to look up every other word, I encourage you to sift through this blog, all your inane bombast has been responded to and dispatched with accordingly. So, in closing, get bent you inbred, illiterate, anti-American, Freedom destroying twats. The US is no place for dictators and religious fanatics who wish to diminish the Freedoms our Forefathers promised us.


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2 responses to “Dear Idiots…You know who you are.

  • Joe

    I really need to introduce you to some more of the ignorant, illogical people in my “circle.” I’ve been fighting about this very recently– in person.

    No one is pro-abortion. Pro-choice is not pro-abortion; pro-choice is protecting freedom. And that’s all we should ever have to say.

    • Janis Alanis

      Joe, I am sure you already realize, and even more sure they don’t, that they are not Pro Life. This argument is NOT about Life for them any more than it is about Abortion for me. They’ve been hoodwinked. If it was about life, then they would not believe in the Death Penalty (or is it just unborn life??? No) or support war (ya know babies are killed in War, dontcha?? Yes). It is simply about control. These people usually have so little going on in their lives and they themselves are being controlled by their church, they like to spread it around. You know what they say about Misery?
      So I encourage you to probe them. Ask them what their stance is on IVF. If every pregnancy is “god’s plan” then so should every case of barrenness be. (But you see only the wealthy can afford to go against “god’s plan” so no sense in trying to control them.) And ask then, why it’s ok for US troops to kill BROWN babies, does God only wish to protect WHITE/Anglo/US babies? And lastly, ask them what they believe to be true and their FAITH based beliefs, and then ask them how it would feel if someone legislated them negatively. Because once we give up one Freedom, the rest will fall like Dominoes. And if they still think that they win by taking my freedoms, well, I must say, they are dumber than originally perceived.
      To say that abortions are legal doesn’t force ANYone to have one, but to allow that right of body to be taken from women means any right of body may be dispatched with. I bet they don’t consider that.
      I wish you the best. You will need all the luck you can find.

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