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Where the money is going…

this website is to monitor the money of the “bailout/recovery” it is pretty straight forward, yet still disturbing. But I’d rather know than not.

Check it out.


time’s up

life is all about the lessons we learn with the choices we make.

no situation that teaches us, is a waste of time. we only waste time when we refuse to learn.

Can America Be Salvaged? |

Can America Be Salvaged? |

He asks all the right questions. Brilliant.

I could not say this better. And that says alot.

Doing what is right…

bears it’s own reward.

Like when Arjuna was shooting those animals in the forest. I always thought that was so barbaric, and cruel. But I missed the point.

It was specifically the joy he seemed to experience when he shot those birds through the heart. I thought, wow, that does not seem right, does it?

Our ideas of heroes generally do not include those who relish taking life. But this is not what it was about.

He was hitting the target. He aimed his arrow, and was spot on. This was his dharmic gift. Hitting the target, not taking the life.

I find myself wondering why, like I bet a lot of people do, why I am the way I am. Direct or rude?  Forthright or cruel?  Straightforward or curt?

It all depends on whom you ask. Really.  So, I must now assume that those who find my manner brusque, see me as the Arjuna who likes taking life, while the rest appreciate me as someone who relishes taking aim.

Regardless, I sleep well at night, and I am comfortable inside and out of the illusion.

follow tao.

i goes away.

what is left

is right.

Dear Thieves.

To all the thieves out there…

God bless you. Your ignorance overwhelms you to distraction where in you cannot clearly see the ramifications of your actions.

People don’t trust you. You are unworthy of respect.  Taking what is not yours is wrong.

But I understand why you do it.

You see things, things you really want, and you equate them with success generally due to the character of the person who possesses them, and you want to feel their integrity as your own, yet, you lack the character to achieve such procurement yourself, maybe you are lazy, maybe you are stupid, but regardless of the trait of deficiency, you are all bound to a selfishness and greed that supersedes the level of dignity most humans abide by.

You are pathetic, and sorrowful.

Yet I feel so much compassion for you.

You are confused. Things do not make us great, and stolen things lead to a great justifiable paranoia that is hard to shake and brings sickness to your life.  Always looking over your shoulder, wondering who you can trust.  Why wouldn’t your things get stolen? I mean, you stole them to begin with. You know firsthand that they can be stolen.  Will they? Won’t they?  Nothing ever feels secure.

You take other’s belongings because its easier than working for them.  You lie and steal because you are weak and suffer from a glaring lack of awareness.

Keep my things. They do not define me. You will never look good in my hats, you will never be cool sporting my handmade bag, and you will never rock my favorite shirt.

These things were cool because I wore them, not the other way around.  And I take pleasure in knowing EVERYTIME you put on my clothes, sleep in my comforter, wear my lids, use my phones, carry my bag, that you will be secretly deep down inside wishing, praying begging god or whomever that you were as kick ass as I am. You will not be.

That is the hilarity of it all. You took my things, because you sooooo want to be like me. I don’t  blame you. If I weren’t me, I’d wanna be me too. No argument here regarding your choice of worship.  You are right to want to emulate me.  Why else take my things??? Pure Freud and a little Jung.  However, sorry to burst your bubble, but you cannot and will not be as cool as I am so long as you have to steal to do it.

I merit my badass status by being a badass.  You can’t steal this. You have to earn it.

And this is the karma of thieving.

its just cool

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Palin gets tough on Obama’s health care proposals « – Blogs from

CNN Political Ticker: All politics, all the time Blog Archive – Palin gets tough on Obama’s health care proposals « – Blogs from

It is beyond sad and pathetic that the only option some people have to get themselves attention is to be a fear monger.

I am so sick of this behavior.   America deserves better.

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