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The Earthquake Rose – Futility Closet


The Earthquake Rose – Futility Closet.


Holy Shirtless Friday : theBERRY

Holy Shirtless Friday : theBERRY.


Thanks theBerry!

Political Cartoons from Mike Luckovich

Political Cartoons from Mike Luckovich.


Good stuff. Worth checking out.

Giving Slums a Human Face – Slide Show –

Giving Slums a Human Face – Slide Show –


Just wonderful.

its just cool

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through my lens

through my lens.

i am fortunate enough to personally know this awesome photographer, but if you want to feel as close to him as i do, just look at these incredible scenes.

while many things can be photographed, marcos takes a special concern with getting the most life out of seemingly inanimate objects.

life is all around us, but it often seems better through his lens.

enjoy, and you are welcome.

Street art

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