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Rachel Hattig/Rochelle Sonora

Here you go Rachel, I can tell you’ve been looking for this. Enjoy!

UPDATE: I took this post down because I abhor the ugly reminder of such treachery, but as I have received several search results for “rachel hattig; scam” I am left to believe either Rachel is vainly searching herself or other victims are seeking assistance.
So, I will repost it if it helps others. If you have encountered this woman and she has scammed you, leave me a message and I will respond in kind. If it is Rachel, thank you for the traffic! I am still waiting for your law suit. 😉

Three years ago I answered an ad on craigslist for a room to let. I met with the woman who was leasing the unit (a single bedroom in a two bedroom condo that I was to share with another anonymous renter as she was “moving” out). We agreed on the price $400 month to month, wherein I paid a $100 deposit to secure the room to assure her of my intent to rent with the remaining $300 to be paid upon move in. I have a signed agreement to prove this arrangement. I had no intention of staying there longer than a month as I was in between places to live and just needed a place until my apartment opened up. To be honest, it was not a case where I planned on making a long term friend, or stay very long so I hastily overlooked several warning signs of destructive potential.

#1 Lie: Rachel was not moving out. She had signed a lease for this two bedroom condo and was renting out the bedrooms with the intention to sleep in the living room. Fair enough, I only needed a place to sleep and for my dog to stay while I was at work.

#2 Lie: Upon moving in my final load, I paid Rachel the remainder of my rent ($300) as per our agreement wherein she immediately changed the arrangement and claimed that I owed her an extra $100. I should have just moved my things out then. I had been screwed over before and this is why, when I initially agreed to rent the room, I was adamant and very specific about the terms. I wouldn’t have agreed to put up a non refundable deposit to live in this dump she was renting, it was more like a flop house and frankly I felt $400 was a bit much to begin, but it was only for a short time and so I agreed, but not before getting this very specific agreement in writing that Rachel Hattig then tried to shake me down more money for after I had moved my things in by trying to say that the $100 she had received was a “non-refundable” deposit. You can see clearly on the original receipt that she was obviously lying.

Feeling uneasy, I took my dog to stay with a friend and spent my second night away from the place in question. I had a bad feeling so on my first night I installed a key lock on my closet to secure my personal belongings (clothes, books, journals, computers etc). On the third morning, agitated that I would not cave on the shake down for more money, Rachel Hattig went absolutely nuts, (I have the recorded phone messages) where in she threatened me that if I did not give her more money that she would put all my things on the curb.

I called the cops to meet me there. They were 45 minutes late and completely impotent. She had already removed the door from my secure closet, taken about 75% of my belongings and put the rest on the curb wherein I was forced to fend off neighbors going through my belongings. She taunted me as the officer said nothing, about how she’d gone through my things, read my journal (what a sick fuck) and noticed all my books about Buddhism and Religion (text books from college). She stood there, after knowing that she’d just stolen my money, half my clothes, all my hats, and to this day I am finding things that are missing from her thievery, books, jewelry, money, a computer, linen, diamond earrings, and TWO mobile phones of which one was still active and that she or whomever she sold it to used for two months in Mexico and AT&T has proof of that. The APD cop just stood there as I removed what I could, that was left, as Rachel Hattig the lying, thieving skank taunted me by quoting the Buddha and preaching to me about righteousness. What a psycho!

And if that is not enough, crazy bitch had the nerve to CONTINUE to taunt me on myspace after she stole my shit. Below is our exchange.


Texas Made says
The officer that you called to help you, was my witness for all the people you called on me. I just want you to know that I could have retaliated on you like you did to me.But unlike you I choose to live a higher life. A life that doesn’t include revenge. You see you were only able to see your perspective. You had agreed to pay the rest of the rent on Monday, if you didn’t want to pay it why move in? Did you think I would change my mind? I was already nice enough to even let you owe it and pay out the pet deposit but that wasn’t enough for you was it? If I would have gave you your deposit back I would have had to come up with 1,000 dollars and its was already the 3rd! It doesn’t matter to you that I have a 4 year old and dogs that need a home does it? All you care about is yourself. What was I supposed to do ? Just let you stay here with your shitty attitude and pay your rent for you? Why should I pay your rent just because you didn’t have it. I know that you knew you had to pay the 400, that’s why you never showed the receipt to me. You just didn’t have the money and you thought I would just let you stay the month but you were wrong. If you would have been honest I would have let you stay, I did it for my current roommate, He has been late every month he has been here yet I work with him. I gave you every opportunity and you refused to compromise so I made the choice that would protect me, my roommate and my family. Luckily. spirit (god, positive vibrations whatever you call it) saved me from you. The cop testified for animal control and CPS and the city that you were just a pissed off tenant who refused to pay rent and got mad. (Which is common). So common in fact animal control didn’t even come out they just gave me a courtesy call to let me know you called. Have you ever heard the saying “people teach best what they most need to learn”? That’s you. You try so hard to be spiritual yet you are anything but. Smoking pot and getting high and feeling good is easy. Its when people piss you off and you want to fuck them over when your true nature shines through. I know where you are and I know where you work. That’s how I found your myspace. However I will not retaliate despite what all my friends say. I refuse to lower myself to that kind of person.Karma is something we do to ourselves not god punishing us. Karma is our way of teaching ourselves how best to live our lives. I will not try to cause you hurt or pain. Instead I want you to know that I forgive you.
Gypsy Zingaro says
Thank you for this. It is awesome. The admissions, the threats. Priceless. You are your own worst enemy. Good luck. You are going to need it.
I recommend you study the Texas Property Code. And the Texas Guide to Real Estate Practice. I have.
You are right about alot of things, but so lacking in your application of principles. Decency must be the foundation of anything regarding integrity. Otherwise, words are as empty as air.
Tell yourself what you like. You know, that I know that you know the truth. And the truth shall set us free.
Thank you again, for admitting that you took money from me, that you let me move in, and that you threw me out without notice. I am grateful for your input. It is going to come in handy.
Love from the universe,
oh yeah, i really appreciate the voice mails you left detailing the entire wrongful eviction. you, oh you, you are awesome!!!!!!!
Texas Made says
  • I am not sure how you got that from what I wrote but feel free to use it in any possible to try to suit your needs. If you had an legal standing at all the cop would have asked me to stop removing your items instead of warning me about your actions of vengeance and being a witness to the many agencies you called. It is sad to me that someone who claims to be on the path to enlightenment would make such primitive choices. Like I could sue you for making false statements about me to all the people you called. I would win especially since you did it right in front of a cop. Who is willing to testify and already did for the people you called on me. I will not however. You are not worth my time. You have nothing of value so suing you just wastes my money and time. All I can hope is that in time you actually learn whats in all those books you have stacked in the bottom of all those boxes of yours ………..
    • Sep 13, 2009
      Gypsy Zingaro says
      And just so you know, so we are very clear, so there are no misunderstandings, this is not about revenge, it is a reckoning. This is about protecting your future victims. This is about doing what is right.
      You talk alot about spirituality and the like. You should read your own words.
      I don’t hate you Rachel. Quite the contrary. I am going to set this straight as a matter of principle. What you did was wrong. Stealing is wrong. And I feel it is my obligation as a bodhisattva to show you what you obviously do not know. It is my duty to you, and the rest of those who suffer this human condition.
      I, too, gave you a chance to honor our agreement, but you obviously got into financial straits and decided to take a dishonorable approach to our circumstances. We reap what we sow. Amen.
      I do wish you the best. I am only here to shed the light.
      Texas Made says
      Wow…….all I can say is wow……..
      I am sure we would all like to assume our actions are justified by our religion…….
      However they are not.
      Texas Made says
      lol I don’t lie about the things I have done in life. I don’t do anything that I feel wrong for. Honestly I tried to explain that to you in my first email. I am sorry that are not yet ready to take responsibility for your life and your actions. Until you realize that your life is a product of your choices you will continue to a live out of unpacked boxes….
      I hope she reads her own words. lol

AND NOW! Almost three years later, she has come looking for me.

I eventually let go of my anger for her. To be honest, she taught me a great lesson about the power of letting go and loving those who wrong us because we must learn to do so as there seem to be more wretches out there like the Rachel Hattig than there are people who aren’t on craigslist running scams on people. Which is exactly what it was. In retrospect I realized that Rachel never intended for me to stay for a month, she merely put that add on craigslist to scam me for money so she could pay her rent. So allow me to be clear, and I pray you learn from my mistake, don’t ever trust Rachel Hattig. She “raises” Pit Bulls for money, lives off the dole and scams people for money rather than working. My research on her indicates someone who has been in “the system” for most her life, from juvey to various legal issues to drugs and last I checked she had a few warrants out for her arrest. DON’T buy a dog from her NOR rent a room for her. But if you’re near her, I would like my hand knitted bag back. She can keep the rest of my things. Why, I want her to have them. I would hate to think of her pining away in envy for all the things I had, which I have since replaced with better things that she will never get her grubby hands on.

There is no justice here. I got the charges expunged from my account but in the end, I felt pursuing her any more was a detriment to my self and the hate I felt for her nearly destroyed me. I find the best revenge is to forgive and forget. Something Rachel knows nothing about, as she has the audacity to come here and comment on my blog as though I have no control over what gets posted. I suppose most criminals are that dumb. I am going to allow it though, because although, I have long since moved on and was prepared to let it go, her coming after me here has prompted me to post this story and her idiocy/psychosis for people to make up their own minds.

I love you Rachel. I really do. I hope some day you get “well”. I encourage you to come back. You might just learn something. Toodles!



Callista Gingrich Not So Popular, Poll Says

She obviously has more patriotism in her little finger than the rest of us can dream of. What else could explain her willingness to forsake her Catholic religious convictions (breaking at least five of the Ten Commandments to do so) and become a tawdry mistress of a porcine man who is wholly unattractive even to a drunk crack addict, who was working on his second divorce while cheating with her all so she could maybe someday be FLOTUS? THAT is some Gingrich Style Patriotism, I tell you what!
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Bristol Palin Attacks Obama Over Sandra Fluke Controversy

Not once have I heard any Palin call Rush out or denounce his support. Not one of them has said, Maher is bad LIKE Limbaugh and Rush should be derided and expunged from the political realm of which he disgustingly holds court over. Not once. Its all a buncha ‘look over there’ and ‘now at me’. God they are pathetic!
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Gov. Chris Christie Calls Veteran An ‘Idiot’ In Shouting Match

Shameful. The GOP wants to send folks to war then make them fight for an education when they get home. Christie should apologize for being a jerk. His behavior proved to anyone paying attention that even if that guy will not be able to ‘behave that way’ in a court as a lawyer, apparently you can be nine kinds of rude and idiotic once elected governor.
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Why we will stay mad at #Rush for a very long time.

A lot has been said. Reiterated and beaten like a dead horse. All for two words. Slut and prostitute. Two words. Sticks and stones, am I right? And although the masses have yet to fully understand even their own ire–words? Words cannot hurt me. We are on the precipice of a universal satori. People all over are realizing it wasn’t just two words, was it? It was countless unabashed words over a three day period and insultingly enough, infinite veiled in fear of loss of sponsorship but nonetheless misogyinistic slurs and self righteous condemnation for the days that preceded the Fluke Situation and no doubt to ensue unabated well into the future.

This             is                       not                an                      isolated                           incident.

This is not the first time nor will it be the last time Rush Limbaugh purposefully, consciously, intentionally offends a woman. It is, folks, what he does. Women, Non Anglos, Non GOP, Non Bigots… any one who is not like him or who does not worship him he strives to offend. It is what he does.

So what’s different now? Why the uproar? Glad you asked. Its different now because he poked an already testy bee hive. He jumped into a frayed playing ground where those he pundits for were already losing. And he took it too far. How far is too far? I’ll tell you. He offended his listeners. They may not realize yet on a conscious level, just wait. There are many who have stood up in arms linked to defend their portly prince of posturing, defending his Freedom of Speech, assuaging the backlash from his verbal diarrhea with comparisons to other public figures who’ve also “misused” a ‘few’ words here and there but in the end if we put all the donnybrook aside, the fact is that Rush’s listeners are not all like him in that some of them are women and some of them might even respect women.

I do not mean to imply that all women are offended by the doughy deejay’s rhetoric. Quite the contrary! There is a fair amount of the fairer sex blustering forward with their defense script in their ears direct from Rush’s lips.  Although it is extremely difficult to take anyone seriously, especially a woman, re-spouting the 17th century wisdom that has become a treasured part of our political discourse because it belies a wretched sense of self, self esteem and intelligence. I do not hold it against these ladies, not everyone is fit to think for themselves. I suppose in a way it is fortuitous that they have aligned themselves with a group of individuals who are willing, nay demand to do the thinking for them. Some women love that. They don’t want to be bothered with making all those pesky decisions. GOP it is. They will speak for me. And think for me. And tell me when to have babies. How convenient.

I have to believe though, that they are a small portion and that the big stink over the Fluke Situation, hints at an awakening from a cognitive dissonance that female dittoheads have been suffering from for years.

When your leader tells you to hate the opposite team, its easy. Hate Democrats. Ok. Got it. Hate Liberals. Ok. Got it. Hate women. Pause. But we are women. Women who have followed you, quoted you, defended you.

The prevailing message from Rush is essentially this: Dittohead, liberal or con–if you take contraception and you expect the same rights and insurance coverage as a man has to Viagra, a drug that makes a sex possible for a man who has been rendered impotent (by God we can only assume)  without any medical utility whatsoever, then YOU are a SLUT.

Forget what you’ve heard. or rather go listen to Fluke’s testimony, because the argument that any woman has asked any government, taxpayer or anyone else to pay for her to take birth control or for her to have sex is a purposefully calculated lie. So, if you reiterate that, whether you believe it or not, whether you just repeat after Rush, you are a liar. An ignorant liar at that. Your opinion does not matter in this, because liars do not get a say in reality based life. If it is the case you do not understand how insurance copays work or the politics behind denying equal coverage, again, sit this out, you will not win an argument with anyone who is educated in these matters and your empty talking points that are seasoned with lies degrades any standing you have in this debate.

But what the women and men who respect women; i.e.  those who have mothers, daughters, sisters, cousins, friends etc. that they love are finally waking up to the juvenile, asinine behavior of their beloved leader and realizing that the enemy has become them. What Rush and the GOP painfully failed to consider is that both men and women like birth control for family planning and medical treatments.  Both sexes like sex. And while it is easy to point the finger at “them’, your enemy du jour, it is nothing short of a psychological disjunction to realize that your precious porcine pacesetter has included you, if only by uncontrollable egomaniacal bombast, in his crosshairs to continue the narrative of superiority over every other person in the world. That is the frame of mind of anyone who would feel so comfortable spewing such venomous, feckless banter without regard for half the world’s population.

The women who follow Rush must now be losing their minds. They felt right at home hating “them”, now, they have become “them”.  How do you reconcile it? It must be mind blowing. It is very unlikely that none of Rush’s female listeners use birth control. Given the statistics of Ovarian Cancer and other female reproductive conditions, all that recognize no political leanings, it is assured that even dittoheads realize that contraception is not the devil and that taking it doesn’t make you loose. But…but…but…and how mind blowing could it be to have a doubt placed in your mind when you have verily cleared out all thinking processes to make an Limbaugh Echo Chamber? It is easy to not be a Democrat, but you will always be a woman.  It has to be very discombobulating.

But that is not even the biggest issue. Those women and men will have to deal with unarresting their development at some point, now is as good a time as ever.

The real reason that we will stay mad at Rush is that this was not about two words, nor even three days of disgusting pandering to the lowest common denominator. No. After all, he “apologized’. WTFE. I won’t even go into that. No. This is about the fact that Rush single-handedly pulled back the carefully constructed curtain, crafted from religious sanctimony and hemmed with self righteous indignation that the GOP had attempted to sell to the contentious contraception equality crowd, to reveal a bay window into the GOP’s misanthropic, manipulative, mendacious minds.

They said it was about Religious Freedom. They said it was about their own moral conscience. They said it was about the Constitution. But we all knew it was about control. And when the GOP failed to control the debate, enter Rush Limbaugh, the GOP spokesman, head jerk in charge to shame women into shutting up. He blew it for them! He said what they were all thinking. Women who want control of their lives, women who demand equal rights and yes, women who want to have sex when and where they want to are…are…are… (has to be something horrible because it threatens the power men will have and that in turn lessens their self assessed value.) …a slut. Yes. Call into question her chastity. Give her a Scarlett S. That will teach her to act like she deserves the same rights as a man. Calling a woman a misogyinstic slur is the last bastion a pathetic, peurile blockhead has to feel superior over a woman who is obviously smarter, more educated and classier than he will ever dream of being.

I don’t blame Rush, entirely. He has evolved because we’ve let him. The GOP has all but kissed his feet at every election cycle and up til now, sponsors had no problem with his monstrously excessive turgidity. Up til now, he had timed his rhetoric perfectly. Just under the radar for his listeners. But not anymore.  He went after a private citizen. Not a politico, not a pundit, not a public servant.  He jumped in mouth first to give his two pence at a time the GOP had painstakingly machinated this–“it has nothing to do with birth control or women’ anecdote for a series of weeks, months, decades and  he destroyed all their hard work with ‘two words’. All their affectations of Moral Superiority blown to bits as their pope of impropriety spilled their beans for everyone to hear.  We can all clearly see this debate has nothing to do with religion or moral superiority when it is lead by a man demanding pornography while calling a woman a slut.

In the end, I think anyone who was just angry about two words was appeased by the “apology’. The reason most people are still angry is this is not just about two words, three days, multiple decades of the war on women, but the horse and pony show by “Religious” spokesMEN no less has been revealed to be a Good Ol Boys playbook left open on the bleachers and the crowd finding out that they were never on the same team as the leaders they put their faith in.

Not everyone will reach enlightenment in this endeavor. Realization will wait as long as people continue to fight against it. But what Rush, the Bishops and the GOP are about to find is that you can lie and lie and lie, but  ‘words’ can be your eventual undoing when you intentionally use them to hurt others for political or egotistical gain.

This didn’t happen overnight and it won’t be going away soon.  We know now, thanks to Rush, just exactly what we’re facing. So to Rush, I say thank you. If it weren’t for those few thoughtful words your vomited, we might still be assuming that the goods our representatives, priests, rabbis and Blunts  have been selling us had some basis in decency and honesty. We now know it is all bogus.

Enlightenment is not being blinded by a light, it is realizing you are in the dark.

Paul Ryan is a sociopath.

Government Must Refocus Its Safety Net to Those in Need – Spotlight On Poverty.


Considering the nation is at roughly 52% in poverty, who are these wealthy participants of welfare?

Answer: Oil companies.

Paul is a lying psycho.

Why Perry needs to be OUSTED.

The state of the state of Texas:

Near the bottom:
— Tax expenditures per capita (47th)
— Percent of population 25 and older with a high school diploma (50th)
— Percent of poor people covered by Medicaid (49th)
— Percent of population with employer-based health insurance (48th)
— Per capita spending on mental health (50th)
— Per capita spending on Medicaid (49th)
— Percent of non-elderly women with health insurance (50th)
— Percent of women receiving prenatal care in first trimester (50th)
— Average credit score (49th)
— Workers’ compensation coverage (50th)P

Near the top:
— Number of executions (1st)
— Public school enrollment (2nd)
— Percent of uninsured children (1st)
— Percent of children living in poverty (4th)
— Percent of population uninsured (1st)
— Percent of population living below poverty (4th)
— Percent of population with food insecurity (2nd)
— Overall birth rate (2nd)
— Amount of carbon dioxide emissions (1st)
— Amount of toxic chemicals released into water (1st)
— Amount of hazardous waste generated (1st)



Makes it pretty hard to maintain Texas pride with these numbers. Perry is a disgrace to this state and humanity in general. Get rid of him.

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