Paul Ryan is a sociopath.

Government Must Refocus Its Safety Net to Those in Need – Spotlight On Poverty.


Considering the nation is at roughly 52% in poverty, who are these wealthy participants of welfare?

Answer: Oil companies.

Paul is a lying psycho.


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3 responses to “Paul Ryan is a sociopath.

  • dapoet59

    Paul Ryan has it right you don’t. Once upon a time reforming social security was tried by raising the taxes on those working {baby boomers} in order to pay for their retirement. Reagan, Clinton and both Bush’s decided to spend that money to fund the tax cuts on the wealthy hence the iou’s in the so called lock box.

  • dapoet59

    Screwed: The Undeclared War Against the Middle Class written by Thom Hartmann Chapter 12: The truth about the lock box.

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