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Police work at its finest.

Criminal justice major arrested for sitting at bus stop filming police, called ‘Nigerian nightmare’ | The Raw Story.

I have been to San Antonio. There are more pressing issues. Get your heads out.


Equality Texas Foundation

Equality Texas Foundation.

Why the GOP is Schizophrenic…Summary Of A 1993 Republican Health Reform Plan – Kaiser Health News

Summary Of A 1993 Republican Health Reform Plan – Kaiser Health News.

This was their plan in 1993. Universal Health Care. Read it and weep.

Tell me now how this isn’t about race. There is no other answer.

Seriously, I was alive in 93 and I don’t recall ONE person hoohawing about Health Care.

It is almost verbatim the PPACA. Derp!  That the GOP would shit on Health Care Reform that they basically wrote belies mental illness on their part. Ironically, that would be covered for treatment were they to pass the bill Obama put forth OR the bill THEY put forth.
Boggles the mind.

Come on “conservatives’, hit me with your best shot.

This is what a professional dog trainer looks like.

Don’t be fooled by imposters! Anyone can say they are a professional. Look for credentials like  Lauren Hays, M.S., C.A.A.B.    512.663.6364

She’s the real deal!

And Tara! She is wonderful.

Get your dogs trained here!

As promised…The Blunt Amendment: How Your Senator Voted | Daily News |

The Blunt Amendment: How Your Senator Voted | Daily News |


Please contact your Senator and make them explain their nays. Reiterate the message at the next poll.


We are in the 21st century. Let’s start acting like it.  I will try to update this post with contact info for each Senator.  I would appreciate hearing what you find.

I’m back! A blog of re-introduction.

I’m back! A blog of re-introduction..

Welcome back Joe! Don’t ever change.


Check out my friend’s blog.  He is straight up the real deal. Nice work Joe!

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