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Imagine life

On the dark side of the moon

Never knowing the warm embrace of a sun

Arctic shadows allow nothing to bloom

Such is the existence of a solitary one

Millenia pass perpetually as a single ever dark night

Complacency breeds acceptance inside

this ebony abyss

The fortunately unshined upon do not suffer

hunger for the light

What blessing one has never known,

one is not cursed to miss


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Cursed since birth
welcomed nowhere
a wretched soul condemned to roam
weary and restless
a spirit in endless distress
destined never to know a home
carelessly cast into wily winds which
randomly transport abandoned seeds
to neglected fields
whose harvests yield
unsavory and worthless weeds
callously exiled
from indifferent, cruel gardens
whence they came
amazingly still great effort made
in hopes of bearing fruit
though each attempt to blossom in spite
regrettably reaps the same
With nowhere to go
nor the slightest clue how to grow
perpetually lost outside of the flower bed
unwatered without sunlight
even San Pedro would lose this fight
so these whithering sprouts
succumb to harsh droughts
til they are too soon dead.

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The Gypsy Tells It | The world as Janis Zingaro sees it.

The Gypsy Tells It | The world as Janis Zingaro sees it..

heartbreak karmic floe


two winds from the same earth’s dearth corner

reminiscent enough of gemini

to easily interchange

the convolution creates an illusory inseparability

though the tempests remain autonomously alone

rushing briskly over oceans and seas

amassing collections of debris in whirling eddys

struggling and screaching through jagged branched trees’ leaves

‘round staunchly stoney mountain crags

which hinder their momentum

until all strides are left broken

gusting gales and hurricanes

Maestroms of tunneling tornadic pain

‘cross all longitudes and latitudes

then back again

in relentless never ending cycles

every midday finds high noon

each night overwhelms the souls with starkness

just as dusk has always ushered a new day’s dawn

hope remains that zephyrs may outrun the darkness


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– Home.


Samsara hostage fugitive
To be forgiven or to forgive
Asks the perigee moon.
The tides roll high
towards the midnight sky
casting shadows on the picayune.

Ashes to dust and back again
Bound by vows or original sin
Karma curses mortals.
Vanquish doubt, strife and fears
watch as suffering disappears
in thresholds of mahasattvic portals.

Gate, gate, paragate
parasamgate bodhisattva
Find liberation on the other shore.
Prajnaparamita awaits you there,
once you lay down your oar.

Hurricane Kristain

As with surviving any natural disaster, I am left feeling both devastated and relieved. I weathered the storm, but now its time to rebuild and reconstruct a shelter to stave off any such destruction as I now know possible.
This time I will use steel to fortify my foundation and Ft Knox will envy my security.
I will never be caught off guard again.

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