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GOP Candidates Reveal How They Would Enact Pro-Life ‘Personhood’ Laws

1. Its pretty hard to take them seriously about protecting innocent human life when they’d all go to war in a heartbeat (not to mention the innocence lost by death penalty under Perry here in Texas.) 2. Is it that they are all so stupid to realize that any Personhood endeavor will be struck down by the all mighty constituti­on of Personhood of a breathing, living female who will be pregnant? (I KNOW! They just don’t care and maybe are a little stupid too.) 3. I have never heard ANYTHING that sounded more like SHARIA law than what these honyoks are proposing. Irony? Coincidenc­e? WTFE.
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Ann Coulter On ‘A List: Dallas’: Liberals Would Abort Gay Babies (VIDEO)

Here ya go. Coulter is NOT religious. She is creating a stir, the only thing she knows how to do, by choosing a pole (as a “polemicis­t) and using provocativ­e language with the sole purpose of faking a collusion with a minority she at the same time is insulting, all while spinning treacherou­s slanderous lies about yet another group that she lacks the intellectu­al gravitas to combat with honest and reasonable dialogue.
And, you’re welcome.
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Michele Bachmann: U.S. Embassy In Iran (Which Doesn’t Exist) Would Be Closed Under My Watch

WE armed Iran (Ollie North anyone?) WE armed Afghanista­n (remember when OBL was OUR ally against Russia?) WE turned over the keys to this country to China with $B debt to fund two wars WE started. WE are our own worst enemy and if we have anything to fear, its ourselves. Wake up from your nap grampy. Fearmonger­ing has only gotten us deep in debt and paranoid. Although, I suppose its not paranoia if they’re really out to get you.
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