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Gay Marriage, cont.

the fact that anyone in this fucking country that so pridefully espouses freedom continues to speak of banning gay marriage, well, it makes me want to go live with wolves, and leave humans to themselves.
it is not enough that the prop H8 passed, now those assholes are trying to get the marriages that were formed during the time before bigotry voted it conscience, overturned. Ok. if we are gonna go back, and just overturn things back to when they suited us, lets go all the way back, to the garden, before we “knew” what we “know”
lets go back to paradise before we learned to hate each other or ourselves. lets go back to that.
but this bullshit of continually belittling and begrudging our fellow human beings rights that we all share as a birth rite, is sickening.
Psychologically it points to a true sickness of self hatred.
I guarantee that all those hate mongers who are trying to impede what is a meaningless social ritual in the name of piousness, have a houseful of skeletons.
Let go, man. Be gay if you are. its ok. But your self hatred and ignorant fear is wearing on my nerves.
Why do you care? Why should we care that you care?
You are the sick ones. Spending your whole life concerned with how others live? How empty your own life must be.
AHA! That is it, isn’t it? You have no life so you wanna go ruin others.
Get real. Go to a mixer. Have a martini. But stop wasting valuable time trying to dictate what other adults do. You are a sad sack of shit to do so.
There are bigger more important issues. World poverty. Recession. War. Starvation AND Obesity? What? How? Yeah. What the fuck.

Deal with some important shit, or shut the fuck up. God, I am so sick of this debate.




Gay marriage, abortion, war, and the death penalty

This is an ever prevalent area of topics to which I am wholly interested in, yet find difficult to write about, as when it appears in my mental process, I am usually so angry that I cannot type straight.

So, let us clear the air. I will be very clear, like saran wrap.  I will make it simple, like 1-2-3, A-B-C.

If you do not agree with gay marriage, do not marry a gay person.

If you do not feel like abortion is an option for you, do not have one.

If you think that killing is wrong, don’t prove it by going to war, and abolish the death penalty.

But no. This is not what it is about really, is it?

So, let me tell you how to not be a hypocrite.

If you want to uphold the sanctity of marriage, outlaw divorce.

If you want to eliminate abortion, promote sexual education.

If you want to stop mindless killing, stop mindlessly killing–this applies to both war and the death penalty.

But to those of you who are anti gay marriage yet do not give a flip about divorce (as it is afforded to those who have the legal right to marry–aka heterosexuals), you need  to realize heteros are the greatest threat to the sanctity of marriage, as they are the ones who legally have a 50% divorce rate. (  Don’t be a hypocrite and act like gays are ruining marriage, when its obvious that straight people are unable to handle the responsibility they have been given as a “birth rite”.  Give me a break. I think marriage is absurd, misery2

but by the freedoms invested in me as an American, I believe everyone should have the right to make that mistake.   I am sick of people using the bullshit “sanctity of marriage” as an argument to be bigots, and assholes cloaked in some sanctimonious, holier than thou attitude.   Who do you think you are? Who do you think you are fooling?

It is obvious to anyone with half a brain, that your obsession with other people’s lives belies deep issues in you own. Get over it. Go deal with your own shit.   Leave everyone else alone, until you clean up your own back yard.

Abortion. Yeah. Lets talk about that. To those of you who wish to strip me of my freedom of choice, by passing a law that about something, that AGAIN, is none of your business, YET, ironically, are also, anti-sexual education, a tool that ABSOLUTELY has the potential to reduce the necessity of abortion, I want to say, screw you. You don’t like abortion? Don’t have one. You don’t like the need for abortion? Then start educating these hapless victims of ignorance, or shut the fuck up. If you don’t help people avoid it, because of your prudish, controlling ways, then don’t get upset when the need arises for it.  I am anti abortion. I hate that it exists.  I am pro-life, I love life. But I am Pro-Freedom of Choice.  This is my birth rite as a human, and for those of you who want to outlaw abortion, AND get rid of welfare AND ignore the unlimited possibilities of education, I would say, get your heads out of your asses.

And I will go you one further. If you are indeed, one of those, who has the audacity to say–that every group of cells coagulating in a womb is a life from God, then A. you need to make provisions to tend to that life, if you take away the bearers rights to choose–in for a penny, in for a pound. If you believe that, then take that baby, and its mom, in, care for them, see to their needs, and if you are not willing to do that, then shut the fuck up. And if you think that all babies are gifts from god, and a part of god’s plan, then B. you need to outlaw IVF. If children are signs of god’s way, then so should infertility be seen as god’s way. IVF is a scientific manipulation of god’s plan, as per the abortion argument, so get rid of it, a procedure available exclusively to the wealthy, as poor people have no trouble getting pregnant—(there’s not much else they can afford to do), but still, no exactly, get rid of those options. If poor people getting pregnant should just be accepted, then so should barren rich folks.  This double standard is disgusting.  If you care so much, make a law that before anyone can artificially inseminate, that all the children with out homes, must be housed first. No? Oh, yeah, its easier to legislate the poor, isn’t it? Hypocrites!!!!!!!!!!

Finally. To those who think that war is justified because-“they came over here and blew up the twin towers”, allow me to blow your mind.

Read the news. We have been bombing most of the middle east for years, years and years before 9/11. So, with your own misguided logic, you have excused anyone in the world, for coming here and blowing up shit. Do you really think that 9/11 came out of nowhere?  Then you are an ignorant idiot. Before you get all self-patriotic-righteous, just do some research, you will find that America is the worst at bullying the world.  Now, settle down, I don’t think, nor do I want anyone to die. I don’t think killing for vengeance, or righteousness is right. But don’t be hypocritical about it. We are all human. There has got to be a better way.

And the death penalty…

Its funny, as most of the ideals of society that I personally oppose, seem to find there way, in many people, as a trifecta of traits in one pretty package. The traits though, I find are in themselves, diametrically opposed. Allow me.

People who hate gay marriage do nothing about outlawing divorce, the most obvious answer to solidifying the sanctity of marriage, (I bet people would think a lot longer about jumping in, if they knew they could never get out)

People who think war is justified if we do it, but not if others do. (How does that flow chart look?)

But for sure, people who think abortion is wrong, almost always, without fail, support the death penalty.  Its like, killing a blank slate (tabula rasa) is wrong, but if you have invested 21 years on this planet, maybe because you were born into poverty, you went through the system (that failed), you ended up on the street, maybe using drugs, a forgotten soul that might have been spared, or helped, because this world is not compassionate enough to take care of all of its inhabitants, you, you can be executed.  How, please tell me, does this make sense?

We need to take care of the ones we have, educate those who are here now, stop this cycle of ignorance. Birth control can be mental–education will prevent abortions, tolerance will ensure freedoms, and compassion can break the chain.

Just stop being hypocrites, and the rest will take care of itself.

It’s no thing.

All I can remember, is that one day, I awoke with a sense of urgency, a burning necessity to deconstruct every thing. Existence can be described as a series of negative reductions.  It seems so clear to me now.

But most people see it as a series of positive expansions, based on what, I would ask. Where did it start? Where will it end?  Whew, those are biggies.

This part has been edited for public consumption. If you want to explore it, email me.

Expedient Means.

Where’s the sutra? What is the sutra?

It kind of washes away a great deal of stress and bother, in life. However, this realization makes it no less interesting, to participate in. What a ride. Life is so crazy, and yet, it makes perfect sense. Ha!

Nagarjuna still blows me away, blows me away.

Greetings from the Lone Star State.

God God God God God God God God God God

Yahweh, Eloim, Jehovah, Lord, Allah, Brahma, Krishna, Shiva, Kiva, Jimi…

no matter who calls it what, i have a hard time believing that anyone or anything, would create us just for idle destruction.

its not logical.

have you ever thought, that this might be a test?  in the OT, God says, after the flood, that never again, will he destroy mankind. i take that as, i will give you all one more chance to make things right, with your free will, and your capacity for reason, and look what we do with it.

anyone who kills in the name of the lord, is a fecking hypocrite. #1 If he wants us dead, we will be dead.  #2 The test is not to see how we can dominate, but to see what we submit.

It makes no sense that a creator, would create a creation for the sole purpose of watching part of it kill the other part. No sense!

Who’s God is right? They can’t all be. If they are, then we are all evil to someone else. Yeah. What makes you right?

Don’t make no sense.

Somethin’s fishy here.

The Truth shall set you free.



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