Time & Space

Time & Space

Of all the sciences, Physics captures my attention the most. Physics, Astrophysics and Metaphysics, I am endlessly fascinated. It is not that biology doesn’t concern me or geology doesn’t intrigue me. But Physics speaks to me. Astro is the outer Meta. How far we can go in one, mirrors the same opportunity for depth in the other. Evolution and survival; ‘morally successful’ evolutionary survival depends upon us all coming to the greatest realizations together, not leaving people to starve as others explore space and time. This pains me to say, as I relish exploring all possibilities, both inside and outside my mind, but not by spending millions or billions to do so while my fellow man dies because they cannot get $1 worth of rice.

I love discoveries of Physics, but if man doesn’t know how or won’t take care of its own home and its own species, I hardly see how we can or need to try to go anywhere else. You cannot skip steps. You cannot walk past global poverty to futuristic possibilities with out being a hypocrite. How many people can be fed, what kind of technology could be developed, what cancers could be cured, how could we save the world, this one, that we know for sure, if the money used by NASA and used to explore Astrophysics was used to deal with the actual Physical needs of this planet? I love the Astro and the Meta, but until we get the actual Physical world properly dealt with, I hardly see how we, as humans, can consider them anything but hobbies or trivial pursuits.

My prescription, is not, however, to relegate them so. I would much prefer, that humans choose rather, to concern themselves with evolving the morals, at the same or greater rate than their technology. I don’t want to stop exploring space. But we should clean up our own back yard, before we go messing around in other galaxies. Priorities. Feed the hungry, house the homeless, it ain’t rocket surgery. What the hell is wrong with us? Is this civilization? Because I don’t think I know what that means anymore.

And if this is the case, and I am from here, how will we ‘explain’ humanity to other beings? This planet is the America of the Universe, some good parts, but mostly a bunch of hypocrites waving flags. Yeah, there are all different flags, yet, patriotism is the same absurdity, regardless of the stripes or stars or how they are positioned.

Wake up people, everyone is your neighbor.


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