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Conditional Dependence and Buddhism

A young girl and her father walked hand in hand through a peach grove. The father stops and plucks a fresh peach from a tree and hands it to his daughter.

“It’s soft.” She said.

The father reached and grabbed himself a ripe peach.

“Take a bite. “ He encouraged her through his example.

Both bit into the fruit as juice gushed and ran down their chins.

“And juicy!” The little girl squealed with glee.

The pair found an old stump to sit on as they enjoyed their bounty.

“Daddy?” The girl queried.

“Yes, baby girl?”

“Where do peaches come from?”

“From the tree, you just saw me pick it.” The dad laughed.

“And where does the tree come from?” She countered.

At this time the father was revealing the stone of his fruit so he used it to illustrate.

“Ya see this here, that’s a stone or a pit, some people call it a seed. They’re inside every piece of fruit that tree grows. And so, if you plant one of those stones and you care for it, water it, trim it if necessary, it matures long enough to bear fruit, which we then pick and eat. Yum!”

The girl looked perplexed.

“Whats the matter honey, don’t you understand?”

“No Daddy I understand but where does the seed come from?” The girl said very seriously.

The father wrinkled his brow. How does one explain evolutionary biology to an eight year old?

He sighed, “Baby girl, that’s a long story, so right now, why don’t we just enjoy this peach?”

“Ok Daddy.”


just keep swimming

Ok. So what I mean to say is that I am utterly heartbroken. I have witnessed behavior by humans that crush my humanity. I am fortunate enough to know a handful of people who are as great as it would take half the world to be, but the others out number them by a huge margin. And mosquitos may be small, but one can kill you with one bite, swarms could destroy millions of lives.  The terrifying inundation of it all.

I wonder if I am cut out for this life. This path. I wonder if I have overshot my capacity. I even wonder what’s the point.  The shame.


Horse hair shirt. Meditative Contemplation. Walk in the woods. Bam. Back to good.


Mostly.  However, as I have molded and accepted this pattern and wisdom hovers above me, I am “blindsided” by opportunity to witness yet another unforeseen human catastrophe unfold in my presence. By now, I would have hoped that I could learn to avoid it. Ah, but then I think, maybe this is not about me this time.

I feel a little windblown.

Tornado. Hurricane. Tsunami.

I continue to disprove my theory of Bullet Proofing. Lesson learned. Or is it.


I know anger fades away as does joy through out the day, but the heartache of trying to help someone over a wall while all they do is kick you in the gut, or punch you in the face, or stab you in the back is goddamn insultingly hurtful.


Its daunting to say the least. Not mad, just sad. A kind of Sad incense that lingers in your clothes even after you leave your house.  I still love ’em. But it is usually because I logic it, and decreasingly so when I feel.

Because I gotta, not cause I wanna.


Dear Universe,

Forgive me. I am just tired. I appreciate the faith that swirls in my direction. How lucky am I? Very. Even if I just need some rest. namaste,





If you wish to know where the fundamentalist ridiculosity begins, check out this website.

Crazy to the nth degree.



This is my cousin’s book. Worth a look

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