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To the Soldiers who are “Pro-Life”

For whatever reason you have enlisted in the killing machine that is our military; maybe you are uber-Patriotic, maybe you got in trouble with the law and it was Boot Camp or prison, maybe you just like shooting strangers or being a part of an organization built solely around killing “others”, but to say that you are “Pro-Life” when you willfully register yourself in a career that involves being uniformed with a weapon as part of your basic gear, that is meant to allow you to shoot civilians, bomb innocents women and children, and kill people you have never met, well, I gotta tell you, your “Pro-Life” stance falls to pieces.

Here’s a hint. If you only care about women “killing” innocent babies and your only fight is to limit access to birth control, or you are anti-education that could prevent abortions, or if you do not spend equal time fighting for comprehensive adoption reform that allows anyone who loves children to adopt, or if you are not as vehemently opposing IVF (a process that destroys unused embryos for the sake of wealthy people to challenge God’s ruling of barrenness), you are NOT Pro-Life. You are an uneducated, ignorant, control freak who has no business offering your opinion on how a woman should have to use her body.

When you start caring about the ENTIRE issue, your obsession with one element of it renders your opinion invalid. So get your heads out of your asses or mind your business. Unless you fit all of these parameters; you are anti-war, pro-adoption, anti-IVF, pro-education, and fighting for access to preventative care every day, don’t waste your time saying you are Pro-Life when you are really just pro-hypocrisy.


Karen Hughes, Former Bush Adviser: If Another Republican Man Talks Rape, I’ll ‘Cut Out His Tongue’

It would have been nice, ahem, if she would have said that before the election. Her timing, much like Jindal’s is a day late and a dollar short. If you felt this way, why on earth wouldn’t you say something? I am not impressed by people who roll the dice, crap out, and then stand up for what is right by default or because they have nothing left to lose. God, even when they say the right things, its as such a wrong time, they still look like aholes.
Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

GOP Schizophreny

Media fight on the right over GOP – Dylan Byers –


Yes. Laura Ingraham and Rush Limbaugh, it isn’t the GOP that needs to change. You just need to change 51% of the country! Let me know how that works out for you.

I actually encourage this mindset as it will either destroy the GOP or it will divide it so badly that the GOP will no longer matter. Treat immigrants (the backbone of this nation) as criminals you hope to cure of their laziness and greed with jail or deportation. Treat women like 3rd class citizens and have public conversations disregarding their input about their bodies. Make bigoted commercials about Obama phones, try to disband unions, hide you money away in “blind trusts”, go for it! Please, I am begging you. Don’t ever change, because if you don’t, I can stop worrying about you having any credibility or chance at power.

Please. Carry on.




To all God fearing, America loving Patriots

To all of you who would save a fetus at the same time you’d sacrifice a soldier, who would argue for the sanctity of marriage after your third divorce or after cheating or beating on your wife, those of you who use the bible to justify your prejudice, self righteous judgments and hatred, those of you who claim to “have concern for your countrymen” but look the other way while 13,000,000 children starve in your backyard as the bombs we drop on other countries are purchased without care for cost, those of you who think being patriotic means rewarding greed while forcing medical bankruptcy on people dying of cancer as insurance companies allot for 18% of our nation’s GNP, to those of you who say you are prolife but also pro death penalty, I say–Fuck you. You are hypocrites. Yes I am talking to you if even one of these shoes fit.

I am sick of talking to people who only chose to get involved with politics when a half black man was elected. If you are mad about Benghazi, why weren’t you irate at the 56 people who died in embassy attacks under G. W. Bush? If you think Afghanistan was a mistake, why didn’t you say so when G. W. Bush invaded it?
Iran Contra anyone???? Watergate? Oh how quickly we forget the transgressions of our heroes!

All I can say is either you love all of America, or you are free to leave. People told me that for 8 stolen years. But ignoring facts in light of pursuing ignorance results in oppression, and it neither Christian nor patriotic. It is selfish and defeatist. At any rate I hope you will all learn better than to try and sell me that bullshit sale of goods. I see through you and your duplicitous, bastardized psuedo-nationalistic morality.

Larry King Now – Suze Orman speaks to Larry King on voting for Obama, Americans desperate need for Honey Boo Boo and the future of money. – Ora.Tv

Larry King Now – Suze Orman speaks to Larry King on voting for Obama, Americans desperate need for Honey Boo Boo and the future of money. – Ora.Tv.

I like her style. What she says and how she says it.

From Gump to Einstein: The Politics of Intelligence

Anyone who discusses the forbidden subject of politics as much as I do has had to notice. People, well they just aren’t that smart.
I have no affiliation with any party. I am not a part of any side. My stance has always been, left or right, show me the logic! Having said that, I am and will continue to be an advocate for education. Ignorance, whether it is nascent at birth, learned, willful, or incidental, is the single greatest threat to establishing order in this world of chaos. The most illustrious example of rampant ignorance can be found by studying the current political climate.
I realize greed has a lot to do with the disrespect and disregard that has come to plague our national discourse. It is a fact that dumber people are easier to control. I mean no offense to the less educated, but knowledge is power and that makes ignorant people weak, gullible, and easily led astray. Proof of that is people like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck having any fans at all and that more than 1% of this nation is voting for Mitt Romney. Anyone outside that scope is voting against their best interests, that they don’t know that points directly at a rampant problem with rabid ignorance.
But don’t take my word for it. My very good friend Nicholas Clark Moore, a brilliant political pundit has kindly shared his findings with me of a study he conducted that I shall now pass on to you regarding the correlation between blue and red, mortarboards and dunce caps.
Facts do not lie and these charts show an alarming trend of how the dearth of education in our nation is playing a distinct role in the electorate. I know. The undereducated do not like to be reminded of their lack of education. Their prideful ignorance causes them to attack education as an elitist pursuit. They don’t need none of your fancy booklearnin’, no how! I have been called horrific names, insulted six ways from Sunday, and all around denigrated for asking for clarification from those who espouse an unmitigated, unreasonable hatred and loathing for education, as to how they rectify that stance while voting for a man who graduated from an Ivy League school.

This is not an advertisement for Obama, nor Democrats, because frankly, I’ve been gravely disappointed in them almost as much as the GOP. Not withstanding the latter’s siege on my vagina. So, sometimes it is necessary to choose the lesser of two evils. And if that is my option, I will always err in support on the side of those who promote education, encourage my free will and reason to decide for myself how my life should be, and believe that if knowledge is power that ignorance is nothing more than self inflicted subjugation for those who are able to think.

Granted, I cannot prove that every adult has the capacity to think for themselves, and it is quite obvious by these charts, that statistics support that very notion of failing capabilities.

I am not saying that if you vote for one party over another that you are dumb, but I have no problem saying that if you choose ignorance over your best interests, you are officially an idiot.

Charts don’t lie, education leads to a broader more logical outlook in life. Without it, we are doomed to be a red dunce cap wearing nation.

See for yourself. Two charts comparing education levels and political leanings side by side:

Electoral Maps
Best Educated Index

For those of you who wish to skip the charts, the findings are as such; the higher rate of education per state almost perfectly coincides with their propensity to be liberally leaning. The lower the education rate, i.e. the more ignorant a population is, the states tend towards red. It doesn’t take a genius (or maybe it does) to figure out that with a greater knowledge and understanding of the world comes a greater desire and sense of global obligation to help others in need. ┬áSmall minds have small ideas. Education is the only thing that can make this country great again. It is overrun with hillbillies and idiots who buy every morsel of lies and manipulation their favorite celebrity pundit spoon feeds them. It is time to take a stand against this willful ignorance and force logic and reason back into the dialogue. For far too long these lies have gone unchecked. Charts don’t lie, but politicians sure do. Get your heads out people!

Special thanks to the bon vivant, Mr. Moore, for inspiring this post. Cheers! See y’all at the polls.

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