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To the Soldiers who are “Pro-Life”

For whatever reason you have enlisted in the killing machine that is our military; maybe you are uber-Patriotic, maybe you got in trouble with the law and it was Boot Camp or prison, maybe you just like shooting strangers or being a part of an organization built solely around killing “others”, but to say that you are “Pro-Life” when you willfully register yourself in a career that involves being uniformed with a weapon as part of your basic gear, that is meant to allow you to shoot civilians, bomb innocents women and children, and kill people you have never met, well, I gotta tell you, your “Pro-Life” stance falls to pieces.

Here’s a hint. If you only care about women “killing” innocent babies and your only fight is to limit access to birth control, or you are anti-education that could prevent abortions, or if you do not spend equal time fighting for comprehensive adoption reform that allows anyone who loves children to adopt, or if you are not as vehemently opposing IVF (a process that destroys unused embryos for the sake of wealthy people to challenge God’s ruling of barrenness), you are NOT Pro-Life. You are an uneducated, ignorant, control freak who has no business offering your opinion on how a woman should have to use her body.

When you start caring about the ENTIRE issue, your obsession with one element of it renders your opinion invalid. So get your heads out of your asses or mind your business. Unless you fit all of these parameters; you are anti-war, pro-adoption, anti-IVF, pro-education, and fighting for access to preventative care every day, don’t waste your time saying you are Pro-Life when you are really just pro-hypocrisy.


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