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Steve Martin is the MOST AWESOME awesome guy ever (and TOTALLY from Texas)

Steve Martin’s “Leaked” Tour Demands (PICTURE).

He makes me so proud. I love you Steve Martin. I love love love you.


Palin’s hypocrisy never ends. Ohgoshyoubetcha.

VIDEOS: Open live mic after Palin speech: “Now I know the dumbness doesn’t just come from sound bites.” | The Political Carnival.

She’s quoting Kennedy and French philosophers? Gimme a break. She is accusing journalists of trying to silence her, while she prohibits and bans student journalists, of which she was one from reporting on her, am I right? She went to school for journalism and she banned journalism students from covering her speech at their school?? And they are condemned by her for trying to silence her?

What the fuck is she on? And where can I get some.

My shallow heart’s the only thing that’s beating.


Just read your 2010 contingency plan. Fuck you. To declare that you stand for “American Freedom” in #2 and then deny rights to LGBT in the rest is beyond hypocritical. It showcases a well documented lack of self awareness. Mind you, I am not surprised, for you are all self hating hypocritical bigots. Wait til you get caught in your airport bathroom and I will gladly point and laugh at you for your ignorance. The universe will out you, believe that. You can’t pretend forever. And I will be glad when all you prejudice assholes die off and we can someday again merit the title of the “friend” state. I hope you all go to your very own circle of hell.
You don’t speak for me, and you never will.
More Texan than you ever will be,

A Complete and Utter Embarrassment to Texas

Republicans Furious At Idiot Congressman for Apologizing to BP.

Hey Joe, how do those boots taste? Jerk.

Crisis Resolution

Peace keeping by placation only leads to prolonging essential crisis resolution. If we wish to move beyond chaos we must first examine truthfully the divisive elementation of the material manifestation of our issues. We neither make peace nor perpetuate it by ignoring that which is the impetus of discord.

BP Now Valued At Less Than Its Assets

May I ask a question? Anyone who can answer, I would love to know–Why the h-e-l-l is a BRITISH Oil company drilling on OUR offshore? HOW does this help the US in becoming less dependent on foreign oil? If BP thinks offshore drilling is so awesome, why don’t they do it off the shore of ENGLAND? And risk and ruin their ecological systems?
Drill baby drill for ENGLAND?
How does this fit into all the rhetoric being dozed my way about how OSD is going to save America when STILL a foreign based business just napalmed the ocean, wiped out the livelihood of thousands if not millions, while perpetrating a massacre upon countless sea life families–plants and animals? ENGLAND HAS A SHORE TOO. Go drill baby drill over there jerks.
And why is no one else asking this.
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