Sharron Angle: Nevada Candidate Already Providing Treasure Chest Of Goodies For Harry Reid

With all due respect, a great deal of damage in Katrina as well as every other devastation along a sea coast, where people have built on fault lines, at the bottom of volcanoes, including also those who are stuck in coal mines, blown up on oil rigs, et. al., are all preventable. It is mankind who wishes to live RIGHT next to the ocean, near the top of a mountain, in a fertile valley, seek dangerous energy sources yada x3, that cause their own downfall. Hurricanes are bad, but Katrina’s devastation was mostly caused by a false sense of security based on faulty levees and mankind’s arrogance and belief he can overcome nature, not ‘an act of God’. Stupidity of man supersedes any behavior of even the most Gothic supernatural ‘being’.
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