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Medical journal says Pope distorting condom facts | Reuters

Medical journal says Pope distorting condom facts | Reuters.

How irresponsible can you be?  Isn’t it considered IMMORAL to LIE?  How reckless, how dispicable, how infuriating.

This sickens me to no end. The pope is condemning his followers to death with this dangerous dogma. Wake up people, this so obvious a mind control issue and the Pope only cares about controlling you. In the least, this is such a reckless stance regarding human health issues.

Please come to the modern day. Ask Galileo how current the present day church’s opinion is. 400 years!!! to admit the Earth is not the center of the universe. Get with it. This is costing lives!


The Mad Man Nietzsche

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I wish, i could say it better, but I know I cannot

INGRAHAM— ‘Kiss my fat ass,’ says Meghan McCain « And the Gypsy seconds that emotion

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Really? How uncouth. The snake eats its own tail.

Ingraham and Limbaugh, class acts. How pathetic the Republicans are that they feel compelled to attack their own. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHa, but still, leave this Brain McCain alone, you washed up old hag

Darth Cheney speaks…ears bleed

Not only did our country, but our world became INFINITELY safer from terrorist attacks, when George Bush and Dick Cheney were relieved of their ‘duties’ in DC. How? The world no longer sees us as religiously fanatical bullies forcing a skewed moral doctrine and a bastardized formula for democracy wrapped in oligarchy and capitalism down their throats. And where has this American philosophy gotten us? Financial crisis, enemy combatants, owing a TRILLION DOLLARS to a COMMUNIST country for cheap, plastic goods that no one needs.

Cheney needs a serious reality check. Do you think he really buys his own shit? And some folks think he is smart??? Pure evil. I hope the world does try him for war crimes. He is nothing now, but a karmic mess, that his children and his children’s children will pay for, along with the rest of us.
Mr. Cheney, I know what shinola is, don’t insult me with your mongering rhetoric. We are safer now that you are no longer in control.
You are a fucking asshole.

Evil Incarnate

Again…IVF and Stem Cells

Seriously. What the hell? As more and more comes to light on the stem cell issue, I am amazed at all that is not being said.

I was wholly unaware that the embryonic stem cells in question, the ones scientists wish to use to cure life threatening diseases, the ones the holy rollers are up in arms about as being special unique human beings, that shouldn’t be misused are actually MEDICAL WASTE from IVF procedures. Doesn’t that just beat all?

Again, again, again, why are the Pro-Lifers not going after a BAN for IVF?????? If these embryonic stem cells are not used in science, then they are THROWN AWAY. How is that for preciousness of life?

Frankly, I don’t give a…if rich folks inseminate themselves rather than adopt a starving baby that needs a home now, well, maybe it bothers me a bit, but it is a choice we all live with, and while it bothers me greatly, that women feel abortion is their only option, it is a choice that we all live with, no one forces us to take any choice, no one. And so, in that same vein, if stem cell research cures Parkinsons, and you have Parkinsons, and it provides you with a moral dilemma to take the treatment, then die. Die with your boots on and your principles in check. So be it.

But by the God Almighty, unless you are trying to prevent IVF, and the generation of “medical waste” i.e. embryonic stem cells (in your argument–HUMAN LIFE), shut your hypocritical mouths.

Why are you not infused with righteous indignation at Fertility Clinics??????????????????????? These are the places generating these stem cells, that I am guessing you’d rather THROW AWAY, than use for medical advancement.

This hypocrisy is unbearable. It truly is.

A McCain with a Brain

Oh God love her. I know I do. Thank you Meghan, you are a bright shining star in a dimly lit universe.

Stem Cell Ridiculosity

Now, here is what rubs me. I just happened upon CSPAN today, what with the stem cell brouhaha, I stopped to listen to the Coalition for Churches making rules about what life is, blah, blah, blah, just out of curiosity.

I was plenty surprised at what I heard. The leader and first speaker, sounding very scientific, explained how, in the Bush era, that scientists were forced to find non-embryonic methods of stem cell research, that had coincidentally made embryonic stem cell research OBSOLETE. Can you believe it? I found that to be incredible. This nice fellow went on to explain how, scientifically, this research that Obama just decriminalized was UNNECESSARY. What a relief, and now we can just carry on, I suppose.
But it was not just him, no. This guy had an actual ‘scientist’ with him, to explain to the lay folk, just how this amazing discovery plays out, and how wrong it is to continue this obsolete method of stem cell research. He gave a WONDERFUL example of their logic too. He, the “expert”, told of how the scientific world has ALREADY, learned how to cure paralysis, and cancer with ADULT stem cells, which in turn obviously negates the use of embryonic stem cells. OH MY GOD, HOW WONDERFUL. Right?

I thought, well, that is too good to be true. But here he is, saying it, with authority, so what can you do? I googled it. You, know, just to see for myself. I mean this is a MAJOR breakthrough, singlehandedly changing the game plan, an answer the solves EVERYONE’S concerns. How fortunate, indeed.

I was bewildered, that this had not made FRONTPAGE news. I mean that is big, right? No abortion, moral, scientific issues? Why isn’t everyone talking about this??????

Because, and brace yourself, hold on—it is a lie. Yes, go do your own independent research, google it, and you will find, that the “research” that yahoo was speaking of, and what he CONVENIENTLY neglected to inform the people he was speaking to, i.e. the world, that those tests, he touted as the certain demise of the stem cell debate, were actually done on animals. Nothing I found, even hints at any success or diminishing utility of stem cell research for humans. Anyone, with half a brain can google, and see that the sin is in omission. This proves, that even the church folks, those who wish to provide the world with MORALITY, fudge a little, if it helps their cause.
Why is this important? Well, first, they carved their version of the truth out of its original package, and their voluntary omission of the entire truth of their “validating data” proves they do not trust you make up your own mind and expect you to accept their half truths without independent, logical verification, YET, they used a “scientist guy” to make it seem legitimate, EVEN THOUGH, their data is skewed, and their integrity is in serious question.

I expect politicians to lie, but by Krishna, don’t get a scientist to stand there and lie to me, and expect me to let that go.

He was backed by the church guy and some ladies holding babies, all which I consider complicit in this charade. Shame on you. Shame on you all, for bending the truth to suit your personal agendas. Shame on you for using science to lie. Booooo. Boo on you all.

I am just glad I had it in me to do some research, but what I found is despite our differences in opinion about morality, and science, the worst of this situation is that you are untrustworthy, and liars. So, when I ignore your pleas for “Moral” decisions, don’t get mad, because you just proved yourselves to be unfit to hold any moral authority, when you lied on CNN.
Shame on you. I bet God doesn’t like liars. Your God, does not like liars. Thou shall not bear false witness. It’s in the top ten.

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