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Millie and Roger

Millicent was quite intent on securing Roger’s favor.

Roger tried to dodge her though as she was not his flavor.

You see, he’s an ass man, and Millie’s flat land did not garner his appeal.

It would take more in the back of the store, for him to seal the deal.

He also had a preference for bleach blondes, and old Millie was a ginger.

She didn’t care, she dyed her hair; a dedicated impinger.

She changed her style and her dress, I guess trying to impress,

This dodgy man named Roger, who needs all that stress?

Clothes and hair were fair, Roger would agree.

Millie wasn’t finished though, Roger would soon see.

Before all was said and done, all he could mutter was, “What?”

Millicent had gone out and bought herself a butt.

Between Nicki Minaj and Rhianna, her rearend was fruity,

Plumped up and paid for, she now had dat booty.

Why stop there? Millie said, unready to call it quits.

Back to the store she did go, for some brand new tits.

Oh, Roger noticed, his eyes would bug out,

when he would see Millicent twerking all about.

Ready to pounce, Rog made his move.

He sidled up to Millie, trying to be all smooth.

Say, Millie, why don’t we go on a date? I guess there’s no more good reasons for making you wait.

Millie laughed and replied, Roger, you’re a little too late, I’m already humping your friend, Nate.

Filled with surprise, Roger exclaimed with big eyes, I thought this was all for me!

Get a grip fella, I can tell you like what you see.

But you should know the truth, that nothing I do is ever for you,

Eat your heart out with envy.




The darkness depths of soul

Impossible to know until reached, boundaries are broken and breached.

Walls and intentions crumble, an empty stomach grumbles, the mind state stumbles grasping blindly, hungrily, urgently into the shadowy abyss.

Where has the light gone? Seeking, searching frantically, to feel completely.

Before there was static, visibility nil and foggy, desperately unclear.

Jumping off a bridge just to stare at fear, or anything else nearly as real.

Stagnation is worse, apathy worse yet; not to care—not to heal or set.

Walk into a fire, kindled on one’s own,

strike the spark, destructive inferno, reaping all you’ve sown.

Never tamp the flame til the the tower burns to ground.

Demanding the enemy’s flesh by the pound.

Everything is mandala. Impermanent today.

Nothing is forever, this will all fade away.

Light that match, don’t look back,

Let go.

You cannot stay.

Perfection or terror, move your feet and bow.

A moment passes, and no one asks, where to now?

Leaving some bereft, left in idleness, wondering why and how.

This way, that way, never the same path twice for two.

Intimacy is fleeting; not treated as a vice by few.

Trials and failures, essential though, creates a crisis for the soul.

Best it be at times, to remain still?

Watch the world turn from a window sill. Paralyzed by all that seems real.

Which way to go, eternal questions;

Zig or zag, numb impressions.

Sideways, a ride is distraction. satisfying yens without traction, going nowhere

familiar territory,

remniscent of horror stories written by the ghost of yesterday.

Crossroads of past and future, ripping open sutures, criss crossing cultures, feeding souls to vultures, creating, destroying pictures of what once was and could be again.

Lost at sea, drifting without course

alone is the dialogue; internally immersed.

Eternally left to wonder if blessed or cursed.

One flare left to seek help as hope starts to expire.

Last chance for rescue. Ready, aim, fire.

Like a flash of brilliant promise, when landing seems so close.

Truth has been sought everywhere, high and low the most.

In the dense fabric of the night and stark intensity of day

the seeking soul

can still not say if it’s found it’s way.







Have you ever felt yourself shutting down?
From a hunger nothing fed.
Insanity, insatiety.
It’s incredible what the body and mind can endure.
Sure starvation.
So certain of perpetuation, smug with existence taken for granted.
The soul is mirrored in the carriage.
When one is broken the other splinters in unity.
Death til they part in impunity.


If you survive long enough, you may even forget. Every three months, then 6, then maybe once a year. The ABC tests, as my dad would call them. For 51 weeks you just live, go about your business, then the poking and prodding, peeing in cups. Invasion, once again. A reminder of your vulnerability and mortality; an unpleasant reminder of your fight; if the physical scars weren’t enough.
The worst week of your year, waiting for results. What if? No. Don’t go there. There’s no need to borrow trouble. Yet, its foolish not to at least begin to prepare for all possibilities. You want them to call. Why haven’t they called? Surely they would have called by now.
How long has it been. Oh, Two days. Not forever as it seems. Five days is like a year, the weekend never drags on so long.
Vampires, taking blood and soul, like it’s just a job to them. It is. You give it because they tell you to. What choice do you have? None. It is for your own good after all.
I guess you could give up. Roll the dice. Forgo the annuals, and just live. And you may. You just may one day.
Ignorance is bliss you know?
Tend to your affairs. Hope for the best and prepare for the worst, having stared both directly in the eye.
No one knows who will live or die.
Cancer is a son of a bitch.

Police work at its finest.

Criminal justice major arrested for sitting at bus stop filming police, called ‘Nigerian nightmare’ | The Raw Story.

I have been to San Antonio. There are more pressing issues. Get your heads out.

Gasp. Russia goes to war after failing at Olympics

Russian warship 200 miles from Miami.

Was there any doubt? Putin is insane. Testerone driven and full of shit. The Russian Empire? They can’t even host sports. If this “empire” is a threat, the world is in worse shape than I thought it was.

Fuck you, Russia.

We have enough bombs to blow your itty bitty ships right off the globe. Sit down!

And for god’s sake stop with the posturing. I am so sick of little dick motherfuckers flexing military power when they feel appropriately inadequate.

All y’all need to step aside and quit ruining the world on your machismic whims.

Walt Disney World Pulls Support Of Boy Scouts Over Prohibition On LGBT Troop Leaders | ThinkProgress

Walt Disney World Pulls Support Of Boy Scouts Over Prohibition On LGBT Troop Leaders | ThinkProgress.

Way to go Disney.

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