Monthly Archives: March 2015


So well practiced at the art
Of not giving a shit
The act of really feeling
Makes me sick

Needing no one,
I will never quit
Loving is the one habit
I vow to lick.


Sometimes we are made

I do not condone throwing stones/Even should mountains be hurled at me/Nor do I promote retaliation/It’s best to let things be/Instead, I gather each rock cast my way/with gratitude for impermanence/Then I use those stones thrown at me to build myself a privacy fence.

Clean up on Aisle J

Actually, it’s high time
Long over due to tell the truth
For some kind of change
An entire year spent
Bent entrenched in some strange
Chain of events
Solemn and deranged
Lost in transmigration
A gradual progression
between living and dying
Continually regressing
Numbing never crying
Nor mourning a loss
Paying the cost for existence
At everyone else’s
insistence that Life Must Go on
Drilling through the core
of each night,
Just to run away from every dawn
Moving like a queen
Making a scene
To discover
Nothing but a pawn in bishop’s cloak
It’s about time
Long over due I’m here to tell you
this era of shadowy death awoke

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