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Meghan McCain: Sarah Palin Brought ‘Drama,’ ‘Panic’ To 2008 Presidential Campaign (VIDEO)

“I mean, she brought so much momentum and enthusiasm to the campaign.” Since when is enthusiasm a necessary political trait? This is the job of a Cheerleader, not a VP. So much disingenuous duplicity.
At least at this point, the Republicans have properly relegated Palin to the sidelines like she should have been all along. Meghan McCain can be very astute sometimes, but she is still the daughter of the Geriatric Maverick. Who would care two iotas about her opinion if it weren’t for her Dad? I wish she would take this opportunity to be frank and honest, then I might respect her on her own.
Dirty Stupid Politics as Usual.
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Poll: Majority Of GOP Believes Obama Sympathizes With Islamic Fundamentalism, Wants Worldwide Islamic Law

Please, give me a break. Acting like the “South” is responsible for the downturn is just like saying only the Republicans are bigots. There is no black and white. Idiocy is the enemy, not me. Fight that, and please, for the love of Iced Tea, quit harping on the South. That kind of divisive argumentation does little to heal the broken nation we all share last time I checked. I am Southern, and I bet you and I agree on a lot more than we disagree on, some of us are JUST LIKE YOU. NOT ALL REPUBLICANS. I mean, really? I don’t think everyone in the North is a Democrat. wow.
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Anti-Universe Could Be Found By Giant Particle Detector Headed To Space

But there again, you are saying the universe is a whole, which it is not. it is not whole, nor a whole, unless you are speaking of a capture of time in specifics. what you describe is the delineation between meta and manifested physics.
Reality is change, not a stasis. It is for that reason, it would be true to describe the nature of the Conditioned world as non mathematical, as there seems to be no underlying logical structure to war, poverty, greed, love, death. But that which we cannot speak of, true reality, the absence of all such nonsensical categorization that we have created and agreed upon, it may very well be mathematically based but with a formulaic structure our minds cannot grasp, yet.
if it bothers you to think that the world can be calculated, don’t think that, i would never try to sway you away from your comfort zone.
it takes all kinds. and I believe we find what we seek. i seek logic. it is the journey. logic gives me comfort and does little to diminish the beauty of the universe.
not everyone need to see roses and rainbows, i really dig learning about photosynthesis and light refraction. roses still smell and sweet and ROY G. BIV.
to each, his own.
thank you for sharing your views.
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Becoming a terrorist to prove terrorism is wrong.

Mosque-Hating Rednecks Discover That Gasoline Can Burn Things.

Remind me again why THESE people don’t like THOSE?

Glenn Beck is not just missing facts.

Janis Alanis Zingaro: Ok. 1. Glenn Beck is not just missing facts. He.

Former RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman Comes Out: I’m Gay

no only no. but he-llllllllllll no. the people who fight against gay rights, often the most determined and diligent, those who ROAR the loudest, are quite often gayer than a Garland/Minelli Festival on the anniversary of Liberace’s birthday.
Classic self hatred. Pity. I wish for everyone to love themselves for who they are but too often when we hate ourselves, we like to spread it around.
May his god forgive him, and the Parades welcome him. But he has a lot of work to do to right his wrongs.
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Gypsies and Tramps: YES! Liars and Thieves: NO!

Everywhere I turn, lying and stealing. Work, check. Home, check. Driving down the highway? Probably.

I try not to be one of those whiny ass people who sits around saying, “Why me?”

Instead I try to be like, Why NOT me? Why shouldn’t I get an opportunity to grow, learn, feel, think? Hurt, heal. It occurs to me that it would be impossible to be the best Bodhisattva one could, without experiencing, owning, then letting go of all the fleeting human emotions. How can I assist others over the wall if I am unable to climb it myself?

No one ever said it would be easy. But does it have to be so hard? The more ‘aware’ I become, the more I understand Bliss as more of an existential callousness, even though, I know it is not that. It is necessary to see the pain before you can imagine treating it.

It is just that  much more of a great travesty, when the sentient beings you vowed your services to, return the favor by manipulating, lying and stealing.  Is it my delivery? No. People are going to do whatever they will. You cannot stop that, pray it away, nor should you be concerned.

The only choice we ever really have is how we allow those actions to affect us personally.

You will not be punished for your anger, you will be punished by your anger.  -Buddha

Ceci aussi passera.

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