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Why so serious?

It is very dangerous to believe your own  hype.

It is hype, after all.

The world is taking things so seriously. Collectively not in  on the joke. Why       so         serious.



at look to willing be must we

.angles different from things

  views of points different, perspectives Different

our dislodge we until not is it

concept static our from selves

begin can we that order of

the understand & see truly to

the of beauty intricate

is it. Indeed. universe

.experience an quite


C’est la vie, no?


instead i fuck

do! dowhat’s right.


i need to be.

right now.

and i am bored,

when i am bored

i am dangerous,

Page 40

I sleep in houses
but I don’t live any       where.
I live everywhere.
An autumn change blows
I am           let go.
I miss Zhuangzi
The weather makes me think of him
What is there left?
Only to die.
But before…
I am going to live


I am over

educated &

severely under

employed. Can a

person live on grass?

I guess we shall see.

I just spent $50

on a dog & I’m hungry.

But flea free! i feel like

i am in a people pound

and dogs come and pick

me, and I just go along.

Amen. So be it.

The middle way

I am not sure if I rest in a place of complete enlightenment or reckless disregard.

They look very similar, so I’m told.

No one really told me. That just sounded good to say.

Because, why take my word for it? Who am I to judge? To say what’s what?

The answer is in the black journal.

Autumn night haiku

the wind blows gently

yet, eye of the storm, am I

around and around

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