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Why rapes in India matter in America

Why this is important in every country.

It is abominable, in this day and age, for any woman to have experienced such treachery. Humans are so proud of themselves, but this situation is highlighting that we have so far to go.

This young woman got on a bus and six men brutally raped her, left her for dead; ravaged and degraded.  And some of the police had the nerve to suggest that she marry one of her rapists to save her integrity and honor.  You have got to be kidding me.

Why should you care America? Because we are no different. In the past 3 years, multiple bills have been introduced both in federal and state governments that would have the raped be held responsible for the rapists’ actions based on “religious morality”.  Do not dare deny it.  Not to mention the secondary rape paid for by the state via transvaginal wands.  Some sick sick people in Congress. And Rick Perry, you are the sickest.

She killed herself. No one helped her. She was helpless. So she killed herself.  If Akin, Santorum, and Paul Ryan had their way, had one of those men impregnated her, she would have to carry that to term. No exception means just that. And if she had failed to commit suicide, there are bills out there that would hold her in custody as an attempted murderer. Yes, there are.

This is not even a slippery slope argument. These bills exist today. So before you all judge India, take a long hard look at where your right wing, pseudo religious, control freak politicians are taking you.

Making a woman have a baby made through rape is tantamount to forcing her to marry him. They will be forever linked and there are some states that let the rapists sue for visitation allowing them to torment their victims for 18 years longer. Rapists have more protection than their children or the women they brutally impregnate.

Just so sick of this finger pointing. This is not an Indian issue. This is a society issue. And it is happening in our own backyard via legislative bullying.

Below is one of the best links I found, but I encourage you to read all you can withstand. This is important to all mothers, sisters, aunts, daughters, nieces, teachers, lovers, et alii.  And anyone who loves them.  Society needs to change. Not more guns. Not more death. Society needs to behave civilized and do everything necessary to prevent this from happening. And if we don’t, all this proselytizing and assertions of moral superiority are pointless.

Daily Beast: India is no stranger to rape and blaming the victims.


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