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Wandering from room to room like a ghost.

Never a guest.

Never a host.

As grey as an elephant

as loud as a mouse door to door

at every house.

No one can hear you.

They say it’s the wind.

No one can see you.

How the light bends to create you.

City to city you roam,

never finding home,

just enough to sustain

what the journey will contain.

Meandering through countries and cultures

recognizing vultures as universal as

the planets.

Across every continent you ramble

as you begin to understand

the Tower of Babel,

and how words create the brambles we men are mired in.

The earth in the heavens,

ought know by now,

Doing, not saying; is how.



You have to do what you have to do,

that’s what everyone says.

Would they say still,

if they knew everything you had to do?

The torture you went through,

just so they would approve

and deem your effort worthy

of their expectations?

What if your silent demands

and judgments and dismissals,

drove someone between addictions

and remisssions,

all because they wanted to please

the impossible

conditions for your favor?

Would it matter?

Even an unspoken thought can wound

someone who loves you.

The difference is one knows this;

yet is considered flawed for the perception.

Not like you does not equal,




as you.

We have the power to kill others

with our intolerance.

If someone loves you,

they care what you think,

be careful of your thoughts.

They say more about you,

than anyone

you will

ever judge.




Police work at its finest.

Criminal justice major arrested for sitting at bus stop filming police, called ‘Nigerian nightmare’ | The Raw Story.

I have been to San Antonio. There are more pressing issues. Get your heads out.

Gasp. Russia goes to war after failing at Olympics

Russian warship 200 miles from Miami.

Was there any doubt? Putin is insane. Testerone driven and full of shit. The Russian Empire? They can’t even host sports. If this “empire” is a threat, the world is in worse shape than I thought it was.

Fuck you, Russia.

We have enough bombs to blow your itty bitty ships right off the globe. Sit down!

And for god’s sake stop with the posturing. I am so sick of little dick motherfuckers flexing military power when they feel appropriately inadequate.

All y’all need to step aside and quit ruining the world on your machismic whims.

Equality Texas Foundation

Equality Texas Foundation.

Jack Burkman is an idiot

Client Fires Lobbyist Over Push To Ban Gays From NFL | ThinkProgress.

So, the government should NOT control guns, but this motherfucker wants them to regulate sexuality in the NFL?

Whacknuts like this guy is why conservativism is a joke. There are so many things wrong with this I don’t know where to start.

First, way to go DC Solar. Secondly, hiss and boo at anyone else who stays connected to this guy. I know you like to think that his opinions are his and his job is to lobby for your interests, but believe me, when fundaMENTALists work, they are always trying to fit their agenda in somewhere. If you are associated, even merely ‘professionally’ with a bigoted, ignornt asshole, you will be subject to their karma. That is a fact. So, drop him, or drop any chance you have at success.

They only way to win against these fucktards is to teach them that their prejudices and willingness to waste time, money and energy to hate people will cost them dearly.

Jordan Davis’ Mother Says Killing Of Her Unarmed Teen Son Was Racial

Jordan Davis' Mother Says Killing Of Her Unarmed Teen Son Was Racial | ThinkProgress.

I guess Jordan’s mother hasn’t heard about all the white kids being shot because they won’t turn down Katy Perry.

Oh, wait. That’s right. There aren’t any.

Again, I implore you humanity. Get your shit together. Imagine if your life ended at 17. All the things, people, love, wonder you would have missed.

Quit killing kids because you are a chicken shit scaredy cat who has a hair trigger finger, a short fuse, and ignorant understanding of what standing your ground means.

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