Whoopi Goldberg Said Something Stupid about Rape on The View Again

So, if only the girl is drunk, is it totally her fault? This has nothing to do with alcohol, it has to do with the rape culture and how we treat it. I don’t care what drugs you or your conquest are on, you are still responsible for forcing yourself on someone else against their will or with a deficient level of cognizance. No one gets a pass, regardless of how the time before an attack was spent. NO ONE chooses to be raped, ever. There is only a decision to rape made by rapists, that is why it is wrong. No one ever consented to rape via their actions, clothing, or intoxication level. That, is the very nature of the attack of rape–nonconsentual. Until we address that (the fact that if women want to dress “slutty” they have a right! and if they want to get drunk they have a right! without having to carry around the burden that they if they get attacked that some people will blame them), and hold those responsible for their actions, all this talk about a woman’s role in her own rape is disgusting, useless, and distractionary.

Whoopi Goldberg Said Something Stupid about Rape on The View Again.


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