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Jan Brewer, Obama Face Off Over Book, Immigration Issues

What disturbs me most is how sad and pathetic it is that the only women with power that get air time are the crazy, wing nuts like Brewer, Bachmann, Palin and Coulter while Elizabeth Warren, a genius, kind, genuine, brilliant woman is treated like a wallflower at a Debutante Ball. Represent HP, represent.
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The very notion. Harumph. Illusion is all we got. At least we got that, right?

Going, going, gone.

Why not, right? Is it coincidence? Or exactly what is needed? Made best half assed attempt to clean the house. Its good. Gym. Creek. Monkey’s. Incense. sandwiches. Tea. Music. Its a new year. TIme to clear out the old baggage. 

Waiting. One hour. Like swimming. 

Oh yeah. 5 candles. Wind. Earth. Water. Metal. Fire. 

Initiation of new mantra. Om Tare Tutare Ture Soha. Tara. I am not abandoning Chenrezig; Om Mani Pad Meh Hung. I am merely attempting to approach the same problems from a different perspective. 


Sahar Gul, Tortured Afghan Girl, Will Be Sent To India For Medical Treatment

This, to me, is the best reason, only reason, to go to war.
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