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Bachmann is a liar and a thief. Shocker!

Bachmann Farm Subsidies: Anti-Handout Rep. Personally Got $250K.

Gasp. I am shocked. A lying hypocrite? Say it ain’t so. Yeah. It’s so. And it’s name is Michelle Bachmann.

Wake up people. They don’t want YOU to have help, because that takes away from THEM getting money.

Gasp. Wha?? Yeah.


people are stupid

no one listens. sheep. do what you want. reap your consequences.

BS!!!! Senate passes $636 billion defense spending bill –

Senate passes $636 billion defense spending bill –

There are so many things wrong with this it is difficult to know where to begin.

First, the manipulation of duties in Congress to avoid Health Care Reform is sickening.

Second, how the hell are we breezing through more military spending without months of debates when taking care of our own right here on our soil has become a divisive murky bottomless pit?

Democracy is dead. Long live this short lived Empire.

So sick of this but can’t get sick because I got no coverage.


Palin fires back at Schwarzenegger

CNN Political Ticker: All politics, all the time Blog Archive – Palin fires back at Schwarzenegger « – Blogs from

Well well well. Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black? Doomsday scenarios? Isn’t she the one who will have us believe in DEATH PANELS erupting out of Health Care Reform? And just because she instigated Climate Control Committees does not mean she understands science, but rather and most likely these were ad hoc attempts to debunk science in the form of false research to support her drilling aspirations.

What a rube. When will she disappear like the wolves and the forests under her care?

The Irrefutable Stupidity of Sarah Palin

Please, please. I want to hear what you have to say. Please. Please.

Cenk Uygur: The Irrefutable Stupidity of Sarah Palin.

INTJ -aka Mastermind

INTJ – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


that’s me.

INTJs generally have the following traits:

  • Able to absorb extremely complex theoretical and complex material
  • Driven to create order and structure from theoretical abstractions
  • Supreme strategists
  • Future-oriented
  • See the global, “big picture”
  • Strong insights and intuitions, which they trust implicitly
  • Value their own opinions over others
  • Love difficult theoretical challenges
  • Bored when dealing with mundane routine
  • Value knowledge and efficiency
  • Have no patience with inefficiency and confusion
  • Have very high standards for performance, which they apply to themselves most strongly
  • Reserved and detached from others
  • Calm, collected and analytical
  • Extremely logical and rational
  • Original and independent
  • Natural leaders, but will follow those they can fully support
  • Creative, ingenious, innovative, and resourceful
  • Work best alone, and prefer to work alone

More so than any other personality type, INTJs are brilliant when it comes to grasping complex theories and applying them to problems to come up with long-term strategies. Since this type of “strategizing” is the central focus and drive of the INTJ, there is a happy match between desire and ability in this type. Accordingly, the INTJ is happiest and most effective in careers which allow this type of processing, and which promote an environment in which the INTJ is given a lot of autonomy over their daily lives.

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