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If you are “Pro Life”…

Then you should be anti-IVF.

Woman ruins lives of 14 children, with IVF, bought on CREDIT, to satisfy her personal needs to feel good. CRIMINAL!

If abortion is ‘messing with “god’s plan” then so is IVF. Force those barren couples to adopt first, to take care of the kids you wish forced to be born, before they can create more mouths to feed.
What this woman, and all others who disregard the human lives that exist at this very moment, so they can create others to own, is disgraceful.

Why aren’t you ProLifers all over this? Is is just a congregation of cells you care about? Why is IVF legal and at the same time, you want abortion illegal?
This is absurd!

Regulate their wombs! Take away their reproductive rights! Because despite there being enough food, shelter and love to go around, mankind has yet to learn how to distribute it, and children, REAL children die everyday, orphans, starving, because people would prefer a genetic version of themselves, rather than help those who are living and dying everyday. ProLife? No, if you were really Pro Life, you’d care about live folks, who walk, and breath, and ache with hunger.

If you are anti abortion, and not anti IVF, you are a hypocrite. Yea, that’s right. I said it. yea.


Palin 2012!

I have decided to campaign for Palin in 2012. She is the

greatest candidate we could have for what is needed in


To all the dillholes who think Roe v Wade is about ABORTION

It is not. To be “pro-choice” does not mean to be pro-abortion. I know, I can hear you scrambling, well, if…, save it. Roe v Wade, was about the freedom to do with our, one and only true, lifelong possession, our domain, our temples, our bodies. To all the men, who want to chime in on this, I beseech you to consider, an alternative legislation, regarding your testes. Because, and despite our differences, I think we can all agree, that unwanted pregnancies require TWO players, not just a woman. Legislating ONLY the woman’s role in this, is disjunctive, and illogical. It takes TWO to tango, where is the legislation on testes? I will whole-heartedly support a ban on abortion, if men are equally held responsible for their roles in them. Some people say—and I agree, that there should be classes teaching the treachery; physically, mentally, spiritually of abortion, but it should be taught to BOTH young women AND young men. The idea that this plague is solely the burden of the woman, is ludicrous and irresponsible. I find it most disappointing, that while there are a myriad of methods, ways, and options out there to eradicate this issue through education, that we waste time legislating rather than educating, because it is just easier. These are human beings we are talking about. Why don’t you care more about them, than the fetus? They are living, now, and need help, not a Psuedo-Utilitarian Oligarchy, misguided by a skewed sense of morality and Godliness, telling them what to do. Give me a law, denying man’s free will use of his testes, and I will support the anti free will of my womb. I will campaign. Otherwise, shut your mouths, you are hypocrites. Let me be clear. I have said it once, and a million times—I am anti-abortion. I hate that it exists, I find it to be an absurd answer to a ridiculous problem. But I do not believe the problem rests in lack of legislation, it is in the dearth of education. We must rise above the discomfort of speaking of terrible things, until they happen. Remember the 5 Ps, Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance. Preparation is the only viable option here. Arm people with knowledge, give them options, and in the end, you have to let them make their own choices anyway, because they will, anyway. But if you give them knowledge, they are infinitely more likely to make better choices, which, they will be doing, anyway, regardless of your laws. Let me know how that works out for you, the snake eats its own tail.

And finally, for those of you in my face about 1.3 million, AND simultaneously support the war, let me ask you, what about the babies in IRAQ that died due to our bombing? Is it just white, Christian babies that matter to you? Or American babies? What about those babies? What was their crime, so bad, that you look the other way, when we pummel them with chemical weapons? How do you sleep at night? I love it though, because at least, your hypocrisy is consistent, and that I can appreciate on a basic level. Let me ask, what provisions are you making should all these children live? Will you support them financially until they are 18? Are you fighting for easier Adoption Rights? What are you doing to plan for the possibility of getting your way? Anything? I have yet to see any of you up in arms trying to make things better for the children that are left behind every day. Shut your hypocritical mouths, unless you have a back up plan. Aye, dios mio. You have experienced so much freedom, that now you think you have the right to tell others how to live. That is just how communism starts turning sour. It must be nice to know everything.

To the Cult of Palin aka an Army of Idiots

Is it that you are too ignorant, lazy, or self serving, that you cannot find a better way to control the population of any part of nature, without shooting at a defenseless animal IN THE BACK, who is following the way of nature?

Is it that bullets are cheaper than logical scientific methods of controlling populations?

Or do you hate the wolf because he takes food from your fat overfed mouths?

Or is it that you feel better about yourself because you can fly a plane and shoot a gun?

The most overpopulated species on this planet is HUMANS. Where’s the plane, hand  me my M4.

Is it that you are so uneducated that you can’t conceive of a better, more humane way to accomplish this goal? Or are you so lazily ignorant, that you think that “conservation” means,  keeping animals from killing other animals, so that other animals can shoot them from planes?  Do you think the caribou appreciate Palin’s efforts to “conserve” them, so that she can eat them? 

Anyone who champions shooting anyone, anything in the back, is nothing less than a pathetic coward.  The caribou and wolf populations coexited for centuries, with a natural balance. It is the introduction of the predator of man when things went askew.  ME, ME, ME. We must kill the wolves, because they eat the food WE WANT.  And even if, you actually had to kill the wolves, why shoot from a plane?  Asinine, short-sighted, and cowadice.

The answer is, it makes you feel good, doesn’t it? Dominion?  As St. Aquinas said–The thing that separates us from animals is the gift of Reason, God has gifted us with Reason. And this is how you use it?

You all probably, are Pro Life aren’t you?  Pro Lifer’s taking down God’s creatures, with a shot gun and plane. I mean, if you want to feel good about yourself, and level the playing field, go hunt with bows, instead of chicken shits with guns. You are a punk! Weak, sad and pathetic. You won’t, though, because on the ground, the advantage goes to the wolves.

If you want to do something positive, control the human population, but I am guessing most of you are the types who are anti abortion, but anti birth control, because you don’t want  to educate when you can legislate. Hypocrites complain, but do nothing to solve the problems, which creates, more problems. I guess it is just easier  and cheaper to put a bullet in your problems, or legislate destruction of freedom of choice–another gift from GOD.

And for you lunatics, who want to come up on me about Liberal bullshit, know, I detest the Liberal mentality as much as your conservative crap. If you took the time to read my blog, you’d know that. So, anyone who came here to go off making accusations, guesstimations, and proclimations of MY personal beliefs without reading my blog for clarification, I will not bother responding to you personally. If you have some real, reasonable, thought provoking input, we can go at it, but these propagandic, shallow attempts at argumentation, are degrading to the philosophic process and beneath me.

There are different, better, less violent ways to control the population, ask yourself, why, if it has to be done, would any one settle for this method? Unless it is a deeply disturbed, psychologically unwell person.  Like Ms. Palin. She may not have thought up the idea, but she has the power to change it. $150 bounty for a severed leg? What is that for? How does that help the cause?  Why not use that money for research to find a viable non violent method of contraception, and population control?  Nature will rule, regardless of man’s illusion that he does. You should be careful not to take too much, because the planet will bite back. Believe it.

Palin is the Queen of you all. Thank you for reading my blog. You crazy freaks.

love, love, love

gypsy zingaro

Palin = Evil

Sarah Palin disgusts me. Please stop her. Please.

letting go, work in progress

I have spent a great deal of my time being frustrated and angry lately at the world, at my periphery, and lastly but greatest with myself.

All anger leads back to home eventually, doesn’t it? Yes, it does, and I realize this even if, I have yet, realized how to dispense with it. But I feel very close, close to letting go, forever. A death of the self, a release of the illusion. The Self is slipping away.

After all, I am not angry at Chinese people on behalf of Tibet, I am exasperated with the karma of oppression.  I am not mad at my friend because she is lazy, I am agitated that laziness exists.  I am not angry with myself because I do not try to remain attached, because I most certainly do, I am angry because attachment, is.

I struggle, like everyone.

With the Lunar New Year upon us, I find myself, for what that is worth, at the end of my third cycle.  It has created a shift, like Tectonic Plates, a collision of two moments, the past and the present, manifesting a new path which is the future.  It is more than just the moments day to day. This feels 12 years coming. I am exhausted, but ready.  I have discovered the source of perpetuation.  Now, I shall live forever, if I choose.

I am let go.

I have never meant to destroy any Thing, but the illusion. At times I am a typhonic tornadocane, at others, a small trickle capable of carving the Grand Canyon.  The pressure creates friction and at once, mountains are made, valleys are carved, and deep crevasses collect oceans of rain.  Siva. Krisna.  Special nod to the one and only Lord Vimilakirti.  And with most respect, The Bhagavad Gita, it is essential for everyman.

It is with great love, always.


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