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Cursed since birth
welcomed nowhere
a wretched soul condemned to roam
weary and restless
a spirit in endless distress
destined never to know a home
carelessly cast into wily winds which
randomly transport abandoned seeds
to neglected fields
whose harvests yield
unsavory and worthless weeds
callously exiled
from indifferent, cruel gardens
whence they came
amazingly still great effort made
in hopes of bearing fruit
though each attempt to blossom in spite
regrettably reaps the same
With nowhere to go
nor the slightest clue how to grow
perpetually lost outside of the flower bed
unwatered without sunlight
even San Pedro would lose this fight
so these whithering sprouts
succumb to harsh droughts
til they are too soon dead.

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The Gypsy Tells It | The world as Janis Zingaro sees it.

The Gypsy Tells It | The world as Janis Zingaro sees it..

HIV Prevention program. REad!!!!!!

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GAYATRI MANTRA & Its Scientific Meaning

Thank you Murali! Very generous of you to share.

Christians picking on a small boy

Christians picking on a small boy

What would Jesus do? Why, I feel sure he would humilate, alienate, and degredate a child while roundly dismissing everyone who did not agree with him as “stupid”. Christians need to get their acts together. This is not only a blatant disregard for the constitution (#1 & #2, just to start), but it is in no way representative of Christ’s example of loving acceptance. Epic Failure on all parts in Sabine Parrish. Severe arrested development from the school district; academically, professionally, and mostly, spiritually.

Funk is not dead.

Yes! A new gen of B girl.

▲uto F●cus

Six-year-old B-Girl Terra holds it down. I have been totally smitten (and slightly obsessed) with this sultry, groovy and soulful funk-rock extravaganza. 

(Slightly belated) Happy New Year from Tokyo!

Song credit: Platoon by JUNGLE

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Top 100 Hip Hop Albums

A comprehensive list, but my proclivities lean in other directions. It’s all good. We all have our own experience, and thank the universe for Hip Hop.

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