I am neither Democrat nor Republican. I am neither Liberal nor Conservative. I find that every faction be it religion, political party or philosophy that labels itself, limits itself. These terms do not describe my disposition in their entirety. It is for that reason I coined the term: Convertibal. I am Liberal in terms of education, compassion, helping others and Conservative when it comes to killin’ folks (i.e. war, abortion,  death penalty).

The thing that bothers me more than any is group think. All sides are guilty. It’s not enough to know what you think, you need to know why you think it, else you will never convince anyone of your point of view. Talking points annoy me. Logic is our salvation. So don’t be offended if I demand it, because especially in politics, that is what I am all about. There is too much fudging the truth going on by our “representatives” to pursue it outside the Beltway.


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