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Rep. Steve Stockman’s Staffers Ask Callers If Rape Victims Should Be Allowed To Carry Guns

I am sick of this fear mongering. I am sick of being made into a potential victim for the furtherance of political agendas. I am sick of being forced to choose between responsible gun ownership and protecting my self from rape; as the same legislatures pass laws regulating my vagina. Every abortion fight, every struggle for domain over our bodies, every reach for independence that is swatted down by moral objections to self preservation is like a rape. I am tired of men talking about rape. It is a very sick obsession these men have with that imagery. And, I am over it. Shut it. Shut your ignorant mouths. Be a man and argue for your beliefs without victimizing or manipulating others. If you cannot do that, you haven’t much of a point to begin with. You are no better than any rapist, you just have more power.
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Ted Cruz’s Personality Problem

TryingToBeOptimistic took the words from me. The GOP isn’t called the Party of No without reason. They couldn’t compromise if someone was holding a high capacity automatic weapon that they made available to lunatics to their heads. They actually are so uncompromising that they are about to stand staunchly at the helm of their historic unraveling. I won’t stop you from grousing about politics, and I have plenty of issues with the Democrats but when you argue from a completely, radically misunderstood view or outright propagandic lie such as the Republicans are flexible to the Dems unwillingness to work with them (which they have at the cost of great respect from some of their supporters), you render your opinion null and void of any substance. Get back on the porch, this run isn’t for you, chief.
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