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(N)Oh God, the Atheist said.

Here we go. This is a shout out to the Atheists and the Theists in the house. Now the bitter irony is that even though Theists have a reputation for being irrational and unstable, it has been my experience that Atheists take the cake in rabid, dogmatic, disjunctive reasoning skills. Allow me.

For every Fred Phelps church there is, there are a multitude of small, decent, compassionate churches that actually try to do right by their fellow man. This is not to say that there are not also many churches that are as corrupt as our government and in cahoots with them no less, but those are extremes with many variables to consider.

However, in my interactions with Atheists, there only seems to be two kinds. There are a very tiny few who are able to discuss Atheism without talking points and an open mind. The other type, and the most prevalent seems to be the ego-driven, aggro bully who needs to have an Absolute Answer to an absurd question and will argue for a non-belief more fervently than any believer I have ever encountered.

For them, the question has been answered and the answer is NO. But what was the question again? Is it do you believe in god? Or is it, does god exist? Or is it, do you have a stance on god? Even one who declares a negative stance, has a stance. No matter how you slice it, atheism is conditionally dependent on the concept of god. Now, I have tried to explain (to no avail) the difference between conditional dependence on the concept of god and not on the existence of god, but most Atheists cannot discern the difference. They refuse to believe that the self identifying negation they have chosen to describe themselves is ironically, if only by circumstance, directly linked to the ideas they wish to purport to refute. Etymologically speaking, they are ONE letter apart. For an Atheist to say that Atheism is not conditionally dependent on the concept of god is to showcase that even the greatest clever minds have trouble seeing how words work.

Now if all they did was to be unable to process a variation of logic depending upon the situation that would be one thing. But I have little expectation that they have really thought through their decision to align themselves so staunchly with a philosophical movement that centers on a non-belief. It is indeed, ludicrous. I do not believe in the Tooth Fairy, but I am not Fairiest. I don’t think Santa Claus exists, but I am no Anti-Clausite.

Get it together Atheists. When you start making the thumpers look logical, you are losing your self imposed battle.

At the end, my point generally is: Religion is just a distractionary issue that people in power have been using for centuries. It was not developed in conjunction with Atheism. Atheism is a sect of Religion, because even being the Antithesis of something, implies a direct correlation to said subject. That is to say you can have a belief with out a dis-belief, but you cannot have a dis-belief with out first having a belief. To understand this, one must be versed in the concepts of a priori and a posteriori and have their head out of their ass. Two qualities I have found rarely in one Atheist.

Those in power got a bonus when the ego-centrism of Atheism arrived. With Religion they control about half the world. The Anti Religion movement is maybe an eighth of the population, but who knows, it is a portion of the population that are keeping themselves busy with an inane debate and that means they can get away with that much more. With most of them rallying forth in long drawn out arguments about a non-belief, they could be reaching beyond their petty arguments, and finding the bliss of letting go of the need to Self-Identify. Either way, every day you are arguing FOR a non-belief, is a day you are not solving the world’s problems. In essence, the similarities between Atheism and Theism broaden as you both become paralyzed unable to escape this paradigm you’ve created and now, both together are useless to the pursuit of logic. Which above and beyond petty bullshit theist/atheist arguments, logic is the path we most need to pursue. Anything regarding Theistic concerns; belief and non-belief can wait. We have bigger fish to fry.
At any rate, I find the belief and non-belief in god to be the biggest scam and waste of time humanity has ever pursued. There are MORE IMPORTANT things to discuss. Its like asking what does the color blue taste like?
If you knew would it change how you live? Would you be kinder? Happier? Holier?

Because if the answer to what blue tastes like or if god exists would change you, then you are a dick. Be kind for no reason. Be happy by choice. Live the way you know you should. It ain’t rocket surgery.

I still love all you guys. Would just like to see us come together in cohesion instead of acrimony and pursuing unanswerable, irrelevant question only holds us back.




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