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Why the GOP is hilariously wrong on Birth Control, Immigration, and how their whole plan of disenfranchising the nation will backfire on them.

So they say, that immigrants, birth control, and for that matter women controlling their bodies are ruining America. Oh, they don’t always come out and say that, but the legislation they have been putting forth paints a clear picture of a party that loathes anyone not white or male to be in control. From Viagra being funded by Insurance and BCP being demonized, to transvaginal secondary rapes, to Abortion being protested and IVF being ignored, to Joe Walsh having the nuts to question the capability and patriotism of a soldier who lost both her legs serving in a war he created, it is apparent that the GOP is steeped in deep cognitive dissonance and an ill-fated attempt to plan for the future.

Oh yes, they have set up certain key players who have immigration backgrounds to give the GOP street cred. But Rubio is nothing more than a Tio Tomas for Latinos, he would sell his barrio out in a moment to sit at the big white table. And, then there’s Bobby Jindal. After spending a great deal of time in Louisiana, I can promise you that the majority of people there have no idea of his heritage and his dark skin gives him the illusion of possibly being Creole and there is likely 5% of the state that knows his real name is Piyush or that he is a 1st generation Indian-American from immigrant parents. Hell, at this point, I am not sure even ol’ Bobby remembers that. He is a particularly interesting enigma given that he is in a state where the majority of people do not know the difference between Pakistan and India and whom often include all of Eastern Asia as an al Qaeda cell.

And, you might be thinking, but there are GOP women. Look at them. Michele Bachmann? Sarah Palin? They are nothing more than political Kardashians, who have worked their way up using lip gloss and at the same time kowtowing to men while manipulating them with their wiles to accomplish nothing. Peahens, nothing more, nothing less. Neither are smart, nor intellectually suited for the amount of power or pull they possess. I am embarrassed for the general public that the GOP has foisted these imbecilic Barbies into our collective consciousness. They are plastic and programmable. With the exception of Jan Brewer, who is just a bitter old hag but at least speaks her mind (regardless of how addled it is), none of the GOP women have enough of a think bank in their noggins to present any clear leadership beyond rallying those who are less educated and more ignorant than they are. Minnesota, I’m looking at you. Alaska, you have moved away from your mistakes and I wish you all the best.

But the most ironic element in the GOP’s platform is the archaic and self-defeating stance they have is the denying of birth control to low income families. I know why. I will discuss that later. But, IF their “theories” are correct and the Dems are catering to these people on welfare, AND as is apparent by their rhetoric and legislative motions that they believe all those on welfare will vote Democratic, it would behoove them to prevent all procreation of ‘future welfare recipients’, which they are doing the exact opposite of by making it impossible for poor people to control their birth rate.

It’s quite funny if you think about it, which I am sure they haven’t. I realize that the whole Birth Control debate is really about male control and they are good. They have somehow managed to find a fair percentage of women who don’t want to be bothered with thinking for themselves nor whom see the value in dominion over one’s body so much that these stepford female pols actually believe they are doing other women favors by denying them such a luxury as say, control over the one thing every person owns outright; their body.

If you give people fewer choices, they are less likely to evolve or be motivated to rise above what they know and their imposed comfort zone based on poverty and the fact that two percent of the nation only stays rich if 98% stays poor. It is sick for sure.

But in keeping poor people pregnant, they are all but ensuring their own demise. That is, if their whole “welfare people always vote Democratic” theory is true.

Hey Karl Rove! You got your work cut out for you.


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