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The Earthquake Rose – Futility Closet


The Earthquake Rose – Futility Closet.


Holy Shirtless Friday : theBERRY

Holy Shirtless Friday : theBERRY.


Thanks theBerry!

Political Cartoons from Mike Luckovich

Political Cartoons from Mike Luckovich.


Good stuff. Worth checking out.

Giving Slums a Human Face – Slide Show –

Giving Slums a Human Face – Slide Show –


Just wonderful.

its just cool

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through my lens

through my lens.

i am fortunate enough to personally know this awesome photographer, but if you want to feel as close to him as i do, just look at these incredible scenes.

while many things can be photographed, marcos takes a special concern with getting the most life out of seemingly inanimate objects.

life is all around us, but it often seems better through his lens.

enjoy, and you are welcome.

A good reason to believe in God

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