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Tripp’s unwed-teenage-uneducated-mom teaches YOU about abstinence

Bristol Palin lecturing on abstinence is like Idiot Spitzer crusading against hookers, GW sending men and women to die in war or Cheney asking folks to have a (patriotic) heart. Oh wait…

I am beginning to see a pattern here. What a second…click click…no, no, it is still freaking hypocrisy and a complete lack of awareness and possibly the dumbest thing I have heard…so far. I expect more as idiocy knows no boundaries.
I am now waiting for the PSA from Whitney Houston to tell me that crack is whack. Carry on absurdity, don’t let logic slow you down.


Dear Newt, what was that?

Newt makes an ass out of him and you.

Newt's butt buddy

Kagan, er, um is in bed with the Saudis?

who is perpetrating what???

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