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Gasp. Russia goes to war after failing at Olympics

Russian warship 200 miles from Miami.

Was there any doubt? Putin is insane. Testerone driven and full of shit. The Russian Empire? They can’t even host sports. If this “empire” is a threat, the world is in worse shape than I thought it was.

Fuck you, Russia.

We have enough bombs to blow your itty bitty ships right off the globe. Sit down!

And for god’s sake stop with the posturing. I am so sick of little dick motherfuckers flexing military power when they feel appropriately inadequate.

All y’all need to step aside and quit ruining the world on your machismic whims.


Wow. Federal Judge Rules Texas Ban On Same-Sex Marriage Unconstitutional

Federal Judge Rules Texas Ban On Same-Sex Marriage Unconstitutional | ThinkProgress.

For once, I am at a loss for words.

No wait, congratulations friends.

Jordan Davis’ Mother Says Killing Of Her Unarmed Teen Son Was Racial

Jordan Davis' Mother Says Killing Of Her Unarmed Teen Son Was Racial | ThinkProgress.

I guess Jordan’s mother hasn’t heard about all the white kids being shot because they won’t turn down Katy Perry.

Oh, wait. That’s right. There aren’t any.

Again, I implore you humanity. Get your shit together. Imagine if your life ended at 17. All the things, people, love, wonder you would have missed.

Quit killing kids because you are a chicken shit scaredy cat who has a hair trigger finger, a short fuse, and ignorant understanding of what standing your ground means.

Jordan Davis travesty

Juror: Some On Panel Thought The Killing Of Unarmed Teen Jordan Davis Was 'Justified' | ThinkProgress.

Where do I start? First and foremost, I believe in standing my ground. I believe in protecting myself from harm. I believe in the right to bear arms.

But I am a reasonable person. It is not an essential problem with the Stand Your Ground laws, but the application of the law that scares the shit out of me.

What is with all these trigger happy, meek and meely scared as a church mouse, gun toting vigilantes that are erupting everywhere, though mostly in Florida, so far.

Really? You are afraid of a boy with Skittles and tea? Really? You feel threatened by loud music? Really??? You think you are mature enough to carry a gun but not mature enough to know when to walk, run, or drive away before you fucking kill someone, who—is an unarmed child?

If you have to stand your ground against teenagers with candy and loud music, you aren’t much of a man or a woman, and you have little ground to stand. You do not deserve to carry a pencil let alone a weapon of mass destruction.

THREE jurors found Jordan’s murder justifiable. THREE. Assuming there were 12 jurors, that is indicative of one QUARTER representation of this sentiment in society. That is fucked up. But hey, those people are Dunn’s peers. They think kids ought to be shot if they don’t turn down their radio, and they are among all of us. One in four people in this trial jury believe rambunctious teenagers deserve a death penalty. What. The. Fuck.

Get it together humans. Seriously.

Shocker Alert: Scott Walker Knew Of Illegal Campaign Coordination | ThinkProgress

Emails Suggest Scott Walker Knew Of Illegal Campaign Coordination | ThinkProgress.

Was there any doubt?

What I love most about this is how Darlene Wink is appealing her conviction not because she is innocent, but that the evidence that proved her guilty should not be considered. Brilliant! I will have to remember that and ask any future juries I am before to only consider the evidence that acquits me.

I cannot wait to see Walker crumble. Wisconsin deserves better.

At Least 26 Children Or Teens Died In Florida Stand Your Ground Cases | ThinkProgress

At Least 26 Children Or Teens Died In Florida Stand Your Ground Cases | ThinkProgress.

Disgraceful. It is not so much the stand your ground law that bothers me as the application of the notion of reasonable fear.

Sounds like a buncha white pussies who wanna feel tough by killing a kid. Really sick of hearing this news.

Why I will never be a Democrat or a Liberal (Or a Republican or a conservative)

I frequent political blogs often. Mostly to get a public perspective, find out what people are thinking and exchange ideas. Very recently and very often throughout the years, I come across people on both “sides” that do a grave injustice to the debate by allowing their egos subvert the debates. 

I realize that these blogs have moderators, but over the last few days I have noticed that they actually contribute to bullying and harassment while cloaked in anonymity. On two separate blogs I was bullied and harassed by other posters while the moderators either scrubbed my responses or allowed the others to continue their behavior.

On TPM, the poster is xxxxxx (I’ve redacted his name as I have figured out that these sociopaths merely want attention and I will not feed the animals), who has mistakenly allowed himself to believe that because he is a “liberal” that gives him the right to make stupid jokes and use terms like “baggot” (an insult to the Tea Party) and Libertardian (a term he uses to label people he does not understand). The bitter irony is this guy thinks he is clever and somehow superior while using the trite, juvenile terms just like the Neo Cons and Tea Party patriots. You tell me, how are you superior to anyone if you must resort to childish name calling? I find this kind of behavior egregious on both sides. When I tried to make this point multiple times over multiple days, I was moderated while he was allowed to carry on. Epic failure Talking Points Memo. You have really faltered over the last 3 years. 

And Huffington Post? Don’t get me started. Their moderators have always sucked ass, but this weekend, every post I made to attempt to ask this man to stop bothering me was moderated out allowing him to continue.

Worthless pieces of shit. So, I am breaking away from that habit. I am sick of this bullshit. There are better places to exchange ideas without a bombardment of idiocy and prejudice. Think Progress, here I come.


And by the way, I feel the same way about the trolls on FOXNews blog and The Hill. Until you children can grow up and learn to have a mature dialogue, you deserve nothing but each other. Good luck with that. We’ll see how far you get with your petulant, grade school behavior. You are not helping anyone with that level of intellect. 

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