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GOP Schizophreny

Media fight on the right over GOP – Dylan Byers – POLITICO.com.


Yes. Laura Ingraham and Rush Limbaugh, it isn’t the GOP that needs to change. You just need to change 51% of the country! Let me know how that works out for you.

I actually encourage this mindset as it will either destroy the GOP or it will divide it so badly that the GOP will no longer matter. Treat immigrants (the backbone of this nation) as criminals you hope to cure of their laziness and greed with jail or deportation. Treat women like 3rd class citizens and have public conversations disregarding their input about their bodies. Make bigoted commercials about Obama phones, try to disband unions, hide you money away in “blind trusts”, go for it! Please, I am begging you. Don’t ever change, because if you don’t, I can stop worrying about you having any credibility or chance at power.

Please. Carry on.





The End Of Days

Throughout every era of history I have studied in my Philosophic/Academic journey, there has been a polemic set up naturally of those for and those against (causes to be named). It is a natural occurrence. The yin and yang. The dark and light. Republicans/Democrats, Liberals/Conservatives. The West had its Legalists and Naturalists long after the East had set up the dichotomy. Not much has changed in the evolution of mankind’s thought, in fact, very little has.

A prevalent theme to arise, is that in times of economic/civil/natural upheaval a movement will erupt (mainly from fanatics who wish to scare the bejebus out of others into doing what they bid) that declares THE END OF DAYS IS NEAR and its minions are hell bent (pun intended) on proclaiming loudly and to anyone who will listen that the Apocalypse is bearing down upon us and that redemption requires repention. Now the comical irony of this is that in 8000 years of documented civilization, the world has NEVER ended. Proof? I am here.

But to say that we could extract a less literal meaning from these cautionary tales would seem more reasonable. In order to do so we must think metaphorically rather than literally. Every day the world ends to some degree for us when we fall asleep. And every day we awake to perhaps similar circumstances but with a whole new opportunity to make something of those circumstances. And in the history of mankind, it is fair to say that at times, the world as we knew it ended when a new era of our history began. For example, the age of the Enlightenment (mid 1600s-1790s) ended the Dark Ages (500 CE-1600 CE) of which both could be said brought and End of Days to their preceding eras.  So the folks who touted the end of days, metaphorically could have been correct, had they meant to be metaphoric. But sadly, most who espoused this fear provoking concept usually either truly believed the end of the world was near, or they used the certain fear they knew it would provoke to control the masses.

Having said that, what I am about to say relates to neither of those concepts but rather a serious determination about the state of affairs in this modern world.




I do not mean to assert that a mighty mythical demon nor demigod is going to come and smite and judge us all while simultaneously parsing and delegating us to eternal damnation or bucolic retribution, no. I mean, America is done. We are finished. Democracy is dead. Corporations rule the Congress and our government is nothing more than a bully that shakes down its constituents while rolling like pigs in slop in the money they take from us and their fat cat support system.

We battle constantly not just against outer sources of threats but consistently amongst ourselves while politicians reap the benefits of our disjunction. America has failed itself and it has no one to blame but US.

In yet another twist of irony, this is exactly what our enemy wanted. Al Qaeda? They did little to us to provoke that which we will and have done to ourselves. They attacked US once, and then all they have had to do is sit back and laugh while we attack ourselves. How is that for divine justice? We made it easy for them. They stoked the fires of discontent and we daily throw logs and gasoline atop the mighty bon fire that was once a great country. I am beside myself with sorrow and grief for the loss of a country my father fought for, my mother fought for, that I have worked to beautify in every corner, that used to be the land of the free and the home of the brave. Today’s news tells me we are no longer either.

It will get worse before it gets better. Will it get Hitler worse?  Marie Antoinette worse? Empress Lu worse?  I do not know. But where we are heading is total self destruction. We are not United. And the State we are in is pathetic. How much longer do you suppose we can, with a straight face, call ourselves the United States of America?

My guess is not much longer. Prepare the secession proceedings, this vehicle is about to break down.

And while I do believe the threat is real, I am no doomsday prophet, after all it took the Dark Ages to usher in the Enlightenment. Here’s to the world making it through the inevitable nuclear holocaust and hopefully learning some lessons about reining in the divisive rhetoric before ignorance rules the world once more.

But what can you expect from a species that has not changed its politics in its entire existence? Not much indeed.

Despite Opposing Withdrawal From Iraq, Cheney Takes Credit For Withdrawal Success

Think Progress » Despite Opposing Withdrawal From Iraq, Cheney Takes Credit For Withdrawal Success.

I suppose if you think about it, if Bush had not sent us over there and left us languishing, then Obama would not have had anyone to bring home. So in a way, we do owe it to Bush for the success of the withdrawal.

Thanks asshole.

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