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Breibart’s Army

Funny. I spent yesterday in a crowd of about 5500 people. Not one unkind word. No shoving, no pushing, no arguing. I spent 20 minutes on Breibart’s website and was attacked, insulted, accused of lying, and honestly embarrassed to be a human because I dared to evoke logic into the mix of conversations. The people I encountered did NOT like what I have to say. Fair enough. But the sadness is how they dealt with their disappointment at my critical thinking and how it made them feel and behave.

I implored them to be reasonable. I asked them to provide a glimpse of their evidentiary process. They responded by calling me names and insulting me the way I imagine children do to one another, while tacitly avoiding responding to my queries. Then they banned me. Yes. They insulted me, but so many of them thumbed down my comments that I am being Breibart Edited (censored) for stating calmly my concerns and attempting an open dialogue. I am the villian. I am their villian. Truth is their villian.

If you are reading this, I encourage you to go talk to these folks. Perhaps you will have better luck than I did. Or we can begin our pile of rejected philosophic reasoning together.

I still love those guys despite their anger and shortsightedness. For as the DL and Jesus taught me, those are the ones who need your love the most. And I give it. It is obviously a deficiency in their lives, so from me to you guys, love all around.




Some serious anger issues. Wow. Just angry angry people who lack any skills in reasoning and argue by calling you liar and full of shit. Seriously, that is the most prevalent response I got all day. Some seriously mean spirited people leaving me to wonder how many are Christians and spewing that vitriol. I obviously touched a nerve because they attacked me all day. All for asking for evidence. Very telling. So sad to see. I wonder if they think name calling and insults are effective, it belies a great dearth of maturity and insight. I just do not know how to approach them without provoking them. Que lastima! Tal vez un otro dia.


Such ugliness. Not sure why everyone is so mean. Please make no mistake. No one hurt my feelings, I do not engage my emotions on behalf of Logic, but it sure is disappointing from a humanitarian point of view to see so many people unable to express their very strong opinions and stead, replace argumentation with insults. It is quite pathetic actually and very sad. Sad sad sad. It is a terrible day for democracy when we disavow civil discourse for pettiness and the pursuit of half knowledge mixed with vitriol. Sad day indeed.

This country needs alot of help.



Is a long time coming. The insanity has really been weighing on me lately. People talking about how the US is under attack because our President offers us health care as a guarantee or death panels not realizing that we have them already run by Insurance giants. People love fear. They love tossing the name Hitler about and words like fascism and socialism, nary knowing a plum of what they are saying is nothing more than  casting, nay re-casting shadows on the cave wall as a point of distraction from doing any thing worthwhile with their free time.

Idiocy? Insanity? Idiocracy? Idioinsanity? Yeah. But damn if we won’t have one day. Just say hello, and communicate, like humans can, and should.

Trade the coo coo for a what what.

Looking forward to mingling with like minds. Word to your mother, bird of a feather.

See you at the Rally to Restore Sanity in Austin, Texas.




Yes. The Rally is on! No freaking way Beck will ever inspire this type of action.

It is insane. Insane. Not just nationally held satellite rallies, INTER-FREAKIN-NATIONAL satellite rallies are being held.

Sanity will succeed in the end.


Obama Proposes New Law: Prevention Detention = “Lock Em Up & Toss The Key, w/o Trial”

YouTube – Obama Proposes New Law: Prevention Detention = “Lock Em Up & Toss The Key, w/o Trial”.

This is nine kinds of bullshit. It appears ‘they’ have gotten to Obama. I certainly hope this is just not true. We are screwed.  OBAMA——-Don’t do it.

New York Yankees at Texas Rangers – October 22, 2010 | Gameday

New York Yankees at Texas Rangers – October 22, 2010 | Gameday.


My grandmother is cheering somewhere in the universe.

Rush Limbaugh: Obama Looks ‘Demonic’ In Recent Photos

“President comes across to those that he disagrees with.”
Could it be how people who disagree with him perceive him instead? Hmm. Wow. Just blew your mind. You are welcome.
“Ever since his primary campaign, when I first began to follow him carefully, he has spoken with haughty tones and words to dismiss the “bitter people clinging to their guns and religion”. Haughty = Subjective Guns and religion = Trite
–>Let this go. He has not come close to repeating that and if you want to CLENCH onto misspeak, go dabble in O’Donnell and Palinisms for a while. If speech, condescending speech bothers you so much, look at the GOP and TP, my guess is their purposefully provocativ­e/ignorant grammar bothers you way less than Obama’s eloquence.
And lastly, “This attitude continues to this day, with the President stooping so low as to name specific individuals not because they are evil, but because he disagrees with them, and make accusations about them using his forum as President.” Still waiting for specific examples. Still have received zero.
Your arguments are like the wheels on my granddad’s tractor, FLAT and TIRED.
For criminy’s sake, get something new to cry about.
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Giving Slums a Human Face – Slide Show –

Giving Slums a Human Face – Slide Show –


Just wonderful.

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