Rush Limbaugh: Obama Looks ‘Demonic’ In Recent Photos

“President comes across to those that he disagrees with.”
Could it be how people who disagree with him perceive him instead? Hmm. Wow. Just blew your mind. You are welcome.
“Ever since his primary campaign, when I first began to follow him carefully, he has spoken with haughty tones and words to dismiss the “bitter people clinging to their guns and religion”. Haughty = Subjective Guns and religion = Trite
–>Let this go. He has not come close to repeating that and if you want to CLENCH onto misspeak, go dabble in O’Donnell and Palinisms for a while. If speech, condescending speech bothers you so much, look at the GOP and TP, my guess is their purposefully provocativ­e/ignorant grammar bothers you way less than Obama’s eloquence.
And lastly, “This attitude continues to this day, with the President stooping so low as to name specific individuals not because they are evil, but because he disagrees with them, and make accusations about them using his forum as President.” Still waiting for specific examples. Still have received zero.
Your arguments are like the wheels on my granddad’s tractor, FLAT and TIRED.
For criminy’s sake, get something new to cry about.
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