Breibart’s Army

Funny. I spent yesterday in a crowd of about 5500 people. Not one unkind word. No shoving, no pushing, no arguing. I spent 20 minutes on Breibart’s website and was attacked, insulted, accused of lying, and honestly embarrassed to be a human because I dared to evoke logic into the mix of conversations. The people I encountered did NOT like what I have to say. Fair enough. But the sadness is how they dealt with their disappointment at my critical thinking and how it made them feel and behave.

I implored them to be reasonable. I asked them to provide a glimpse of their evidentiary process. They responded by calling me names and insulting me the way I imagine children do to one another, while tacitly avoiding responding to my queries. Then they banned me. Yes. They insulted me, but so many of them thumbed down my comments that I am being Breibart Edited (censored) for stating calmly my concerns and attempting an open dialogue. I am the villian. I am their villian. Truth is their villian.

If you are reading this, I encourage you to go talk to these folks. Perhaps you will have better luck than I did. Or we can begin our pile of rejected philosophic reasoning together.

I still love those guys despite their anger and shortsightedness. For as the DL and Jesus taught me, those are the ones who need your love the most. And I give it. It is obviously a deficiency in their lives, so from me to you guys, love all around.




Some serious anger issues. Wow. Just angry angry people who lack any skills in reasoning and argue by calling you liar and full of shit. Seriously, that is the most prevalent response I got all day. Some seriously mean spirited people leaving me to wonder how many are Christians and spewing that vitriol. I obviously touched a nerve because they attacked me all day. All for asking for evidence. Very telling. So sad to see. I wonder if they think name calling and insults are effective, it belies a great dearth of maturity and insight. I just do not know how to approach them without provoking them. Que lastima! Tal vez un otro dia.


Such ugliness. Not sure why everyone is so mean. Please make no mistake. No one hurt my feelings, I do not engage my emotions on behalf of Logic, but it sure is disappointing from a humanitarian point of view to see so many people unable to express their very strong opinions and stead, replace argumentation with insults. It is quite pathetic actually and very sad. Sad sad sad. It is a terrible day for democracy when we disavow civil discourse for pettiness and the pursuit of half knowledge mixed with vitriol. Sad day indeed.

This country needs alot of help.


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5 responses to “Breibart’s Army

  • imsailing2

    Interesting that you would smear us and call us “Breitbarts Army”. Conveniently, you left out the part where you came on the site and started making all kinds of accusations. Your posts are condesending and rude. You accused people of lying, and said the recording was “manufactured”. You didn’t need any evidence for your accusations against others, but you demanded that we wait for evidence of the authticity of the recording. But you don’t mention anything about your poor manners and behavior while on Breitbart.

    If you can’t take some heat, I suggest you stop stepping into a room full of people and lecturing them, telling them why they are wrong, lecturing us on how the media works and how wrong and misguided we are.
    Your bad manners got you the treatment you asked for.

    • Janis Alanis

      Couldn’t get enough? I understand. First, I made no accusations. I asked for evidence. How do you still not know the difference? Second, I relented on the possibilities of this happenstance the VERY second, I got someone to make a logical statement about it. Look at the posts. Look at the timing. When someone logically deduced an explicative possibility, was when the discourse began. So there are several posts where together with a fellow poster we delved into the possibilities. I am fully open and don’t care either way, but STILL waiting for evidence. Evidence. Remember? All the insults and cursing has not negated the need for corroborative evidence. I took your heat all day and never not even once cursed one of you out compared to the myriad of tongue lashings I received. I am not afraid of you, even though you are the one following (stalking?) me, outside your comfort zone and for that I congratulate you! Mazel Tov!
      Asking people for evidence to support their “Moral Outrage” is NOT the same as lecturing and telling people they are wrong. I never said you were wrong. I said where is the evidence. Still not getting this? Still? Just because the truth hurts it is no less necessary. You confuse “condescension” with knowledge and critical thinking. And if you think that my behavior is rude and that justifies your foul mouths and anti Jesus hatred while at the same time proving your superiority over me, you are sadly mistaken. Even if I was a jerk, you aren’t better by being a jerk back to me. It ain’t rocket surgery. Be what you hope to have in return. I hoped for logic. I will not play your games.
      I do thank you for coming. I invite you here anytime. But my blog, my rules. You will behave or you will be dismissed. Do you wish to have civil discourse or not? It is up to you.
      love you forever,

      • imsailing2

        Now you are just lying. You made direct accusations. You emphatically stated the recording was manufactured, which means someone had to lie & cheat. You are the one with no evidence for YOUR accusations. You are the one who started out with insults.

        Relented? Hardly. You demanded us to use a standard you won’t use yourself.
        You were rude, arrogant, condescending and now are lying. Even after I explained how it happened with the Brown campaign you continued on with your accusations.
        “We” did not delve into the possibilities, another poster and I showed you how a voicemail like that often happens. You never admitted you were wrong to demand we wait for what you call evidence while you condemned people with no evidence.
        You insulted everyone over and over, yet expect no insults back. Typical.
        I’m not outside my comfort zone…just clicked on your profile. Saw how you were on here playing the martyr and trashing all the evil, mean Conservatives.

        Try taking a little personal responsibility. You receive what you dish out and then you get on here and play martyr, give me a break.

        What’s rocket surgery?

        BTW, to be condescending is “to assume an air of superiority”
        It has nothing to do with critical thinking.
        And I congratulate you for not deleting my posts.

  • Janis Alanis

    How am I lying? How have you proven that these tapes have not been manufactured? Truth is, you haven’t. I have bent over backwards to take responsibility for reason and logic, something you are unwilling to do. Condescension is a relative, very subjective EMOTIONAL response. You are very emotional but not very logical. Just because you feel ‘talked down to’ or don’t understand everything I am saying, doesn’t make me condescending. And again, condescension is subjective, but addressing my questions for evidentiary processes and being met with juvenile cursing is asinine. That being the most common response and the absolute dearth of critical thinking does little to prove your superiority over me which you seem obsessed in doing. Is it that I do not support my claims with cursing that you find me condescending? Because where I come from it is called civil discourse. You might try it sometime.
    I am not a martyr. Jesus Christ, why does everyone you disagree with have to be a martyr?
    Let me be clear. Not sure how a grown adult does not understand the difference between a call to reason and “accusations”. I asked you think critically about how this story might unfold, but you couldn’t be bothered. You just drink the koolaid and the burden of proof magically disappears. You don’t seem to need corroboration and that bothers and scares me. If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything.
    I have not lied to you or anyone. Not sure where you keep pulling that out of, my guess is the same place you keep trying to malign me because my intelligence hurt your feelings.
    Just because you don’t agree, or hate logic doesn’t make me a liar or condescending. And for someone who gets all riled up about ‘being accused’ you sure do throw accusations about like candy at a parade. Your hypocrisy is comically maddening. And if you weren’t so agitated all the time, I would try to help you work that out. But I have no idea where to begin as your ire seems anchored in cotton candy clouds. That is, based on nothing but a need to be abrasively right. You call me rude?
    Perhaps we have different ideas of what it means to be rude. I don’t think encouraging critical thinking is rude but I do think telling someone they are full of shit and to shut the fuck up is rude. Things you and your cronies did to me. You guys are upside down.
    The world can go see that blog and how despicably your friends spoke to me and how I responded with grace and aplomb, asking for civility and being met with uncontrollable hostility. You all look like fools. If only because you all allowed someone with opposite views from yours to provoke such idiocy. The worst thing you could ever do is let your perceived enemies witness such utter weakness. How do you not realize that? I would be ashamed if I allowed my behavior to degenerate the way you guys are obviously proud to behave, all because I couldn’t win an argument for logic? I am embarrassed for you all. GO LOOK AT HOW YOU ALL BEHAVED and try to assume an adult point of view when you do. I am happy to allow you to present your views here. However, you still have yet to present anything in way of a logical argument, just the same same same lame accusations. If you do read my blog you will see LOGIC is my goal. (Not politics, huge difference) You just like to bully people and curse them and try to get them to leave your little den of iniquity so you don’t have to think or be held reasonably responsible for you ideologies. So, try, try to explain WHY you feel the way you do, instead of trying give me a ‘wicked burn’ like we are in 6th grade.
    Because if you can’t run with the big dogs, and bring the logic, we really have no reason to exchange.
    You can call me a liar. Doesn’t make it true. You can hate me for having opposite views as you, that anger only hurts you. But unless you are going to show proof of critical thinking, I am pretty sure there is not much left for us. I get it, you think I am an asshole. I am full of shit. Yadda yadda yadda. Those thoughts are not only easy to have, they were all but given to you by your crew. So unless you have something original, logical and reasonable to say, you will only prove yourself to be a hyperemotional reactionary with every word you write.
    I will give you as much rope as you need.
    Still love ya. Have a wonderful day.

  • Janis Alanis

    COWARDS come to click disapproval without the balls to engage in debate. COWARDS. I laugh at how BRAVE some people are behind their computer screens. They feel so brave to curse and do drive bys on other’s blogs without the cajones to leave more than a trace of their bravery by hitting a DON’T LIKE button. OOOOOOOOOOOh, big men. Oooooooooooh courageous ladies. Oh my god. So freakin hilarious.
    I would love to see any of these pathetic, illiterate, neanderthals say even a smidge of the bullshit they were TYPING in my direction to my face. Pure Chickenshittery. No way you would behave that way in person. And by god I wish you would. Bring it. I would proudly repeat everything I said to your faces, but you don’t even have the balls to comment so no way you would not cower like the dirty dogs you are in person. WEAK!!!!! So please, come visit my blog all day, click you opinions away in the comfort of your mother’s basement. Read some of it, you might just learn something. Hahahahahahahaha. Joke’s on you my friends. Every minute you come here is a moment I steal your idiocy away from bothering someone else, and I am happy to help shield others from your vain immaturity.

    Here’s a parting lesson: When you “discuss” politics, and you denigrate the process by lowering yourselves to recess/playground behavior, you FAIL YOURSELVES. Your looking like idiots has very little to do with me. When the only way you feel you can win an argument is by telling someone they are “full of shit”, that is, if this is the best defense you have, then your cause is finished. How can anyone take you seriously? About anything? If it is your opinion to deal with civil discourse with petty insults, not one of your following opinions will matter to anyone of importance. You not only fail yourselves intellectually, and the process of debate but your refusal to denounce this behavior in others makes you a moral failures as well. Nice work jerks. Hahahahahahah.
    You guys sure are funny. With your little gangs of gumptitude. Priceless. You follow me all the way over here just to give me a thumbs down? I obviously hold all the cards here. You have proven every point I have ever made with your silent visits today. Thank you.
    It’s neat having so much power over people I don’t even know. I guess that’s why Glenn and Sarah do it.
    I won’t let it go to my head. Thanks you wonderful little conservative finks. I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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