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Tea is for terrorist –TP domestic terrorist group per International intelligence group

Stratfor-founder George Friedman slams Tea Party in leaked emails from March 2010: “I’m pretty hard right and I’m offended”, “You are living in a country where disagreements degenerate into massively uncivil behavior”, “Physical attacks on people and places you don’t agree with has become acceptable” – Friedman compares Tea Party to “Hitler and Lenin”, other analysts also make comparisons to Nazi-movement ~ Politicalgates.

This is a must read. International intelligence calls out the Tea Party with a blow by blow comparison to the Nazi regime.  These people know what they are talking about. If you disagree, you are blind.

I like the subtle and not so subtle burns on Palin. ‘The TP doesn’t have anyone as charismatic and political savvy as Hitler.’ Ouch. The racial elements to the catering to inbred violent dipshits, this could not be more apt a comparison. This is not opinion, but historical reconciliation between factions that have developed almost to the letter the same way. You don’t have to believe me, but if you can dispute these accounts, well, I would love to hear an cogent offering you might supply.

Get your heads out, people. Shit is getting hectic.


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