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heartbreak karmic floe


two winds from the same earth’s dearth corner

reminiscent enough of gemini

to easily interchange

the convolution creates an illusory inseparability

though the tempests remain autonomously alone

rushing briskly over oceans and seas

amassing collections of debris in whirling eddys

struggling and screaching through jagged branched trees’ leaves

‘round staunchly stoney mountain crags

which hinder their momentum

until all strides are left broken

gusting gales and hurricanes

Maestroms of tunneling tornadic pain

‘cross all longitudes and latitudes

then back again

in relentless never ending cycles

every midday finds high noon

each night overwhelms the souls with starkness

just as dusk has always ushered a new day’s dawn

hope remains that zephyrs may outrun the darkness




Samsara hostage fugitive
To be forgiven or to forgive
Asks the perigee moon.
The tides roll high
towards the midnight sky
casting shadows on the picayune.

Ashes to dust and back again
Bound by vows or original sin
Karma curses mortals.
Vanquish doubt, strife and fears
watch as suffering disappears
in thresholds of mahasattvic portals.

Gate, gate, paragate
parasamgate bodhisattva
Find liberation on the other shore.
Prajnaparamita awaits you there,
once you lay down your oar.


So well practiced at the art
Of not giving a shit
The act of really feeling
Makes me sick

Needing no one,
I will never quit
Loving is the one habit
I vow to lick.

Sometimes we are made

I do not condone throwing stones/Even should mountains be hurled at me/Nor do I promote retaliation/It’s best to let things be/Instead, I gather each rock cast my way/with gratitude for impermanence/Then I use those stones thrown at me to build myself a privacy fence.

Clean up on Aisle J

Actually, it’s high time
Long over due to tell the truth
For some kind of change
An entire year spent
Bent entrenched in some strange
Chain of events
Solemn and deranged
Lost in transmigration
A gradual progression
between living and dying
Continually regressing
Numbing never crying
Nor mourning a loss
Paying the cost for existence
At everyone else’s
insistence that Life Must Go on
Drilling through the core
of each night,
Just to run away from every dawn
Moving like a queen
Making a scene
To discover
Nothing but a pawn in bishop’s cloak
It’s about time
Long over due I’m here to tell you
this era of shadowy death awoke

Time time time will tell

And so I said, I

I said to him

I just don’t think we can be friends,
ya know?
It’s nothing personal.

It’s just that every thing you say and do,

contradicts the point of view you profess
to be the core of who you are.

It’s not,

It is not that I hate you or even

think you’re a hypocrite.

What you purport to believe in

is certainly legitimate.

It’s just

Well, I think you might be full of shit

and perhaps maybe just unaware of it.

Time awaits your discovery.

You may grow into the truth eventually

Someday possibly you may even see

The errors of your ways.

Until then I am unsure so,

It’s probably best that I should go

Give you space and room to grow

Who knows? It could take years or days.

And should we by chance,
meet again

A new friendship we might begin

After wisdom sets in to reveal

To you the truth and you choose
what’s best for you is the pursuit
of what is infintely real.


Is there solace for the prodigal savant
Searching for light in the darkest of hollows
Alone in starkness, surrounded by the enemy
smothered by enmity that follows them
hauntingly like a ghost
from room to room, life to life
day to day casting shadows
Myopically arrested;
the apotheosis of neurosis
no sleep for weeks, in a smoky daze of
soul crushing Kafkan psychosis
Do not look for me there, my friend,
I have long ago since faded.
Remember fondly, how the soul shined like a sun,
before the world invaded.

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