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Time time time will tell

And so I said, I

I said to him

I just don’t think we can be friends,
ya know?
It’s nothing personal.

It’s just that every thing you say and do,

contradicts the point of view you profess
to be the core of who you are.

It’s not,

It is not that I hate you or even

think you’re a hypocrite.

What you purport to believe in

is certainly legitimate.

It’s just

Well, I think you might be full of shit

and perhaps maybe just unaware of it.

Time awaits your discovery.

You may grow into the truth eventually

Someday possibly you may even see

The errors of your ways.

Until then I am unsure so,

It’s probably best that I should go

Give you space and room to grow

Who knows? It could take years or days.

And should we by chance,
meet again

A new friendship we might begin

After wisdom sets in to reveal

To you the truth and you choose
what’s best for you is the pursuit
of what is infintely real.


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