Jack Burkman is an idiot

Client Fires Lobbyist Over Push To Ban Gays From NFL | ThinkProgress.

So, the government should NOT control guns, but this motherfucker wants them to regulate sexuality in the NFL?

Whacknuts like this guy is why conservativism is a joke. There are so many things wrong with this I don’t know where to start.

First, way to go DC Solar. Secondly, hiss and boo at anyone else who stays connected to this guy. I know you like to think that his opinions are his and his job is to lobby for your interests, but believe me, when fundaMENTALists work, they are always trying to fit their agenda in somewhere. If you are associated, even merely ‘professionally’ with a bigoted, ignornt asshole, you will be subject to their karma. That is a fact. So, drop him, or drop any chance you have at success.

They only way to win against these fucktards is to teach them that their prejudices and willingness to waste time, money and energy to hate people will cost them dearly.


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