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People v Dogs pt deux

Now, when I say that dogs do not have the capacity to reason, I do not mean to imply that they are not feeling beings. They very much are, they experience the exact same range of emotions humans do. The difference is, or should be, that humans utilize their capacity to reason, to rationally sort out anxiety from elation, depression from departure, humans can do this, humans can be rational, dogs cannot. Therefore, dogs are slaves to their instinctual emotions, that we provide for them.

This is how it works. Humans are similar to dogs in that, for all intents and purposes, we are all born as open canvases. Life, the life we are born into, leaves drops, and splatters of paint along the way, as others are holding the brush. At some point, we begin to learn to paint ourselves, eventually we hold the brush. But it is not without years of training, and dedication, that we have it in us to make a work of art, let alone a masterpiece. But we can. We can, because, we have it in us to strive beyond our limitations and the possibility to understand that any limitations we recognize are self perpetuated.  Dogs cannot do that. They have no thumbs, and cannot paint from their hearts, and from an understanding of the chaotic universe to express profound wonder, and they really only care about being the best dog they know how. Dogs cannot comprehend two plus two equals four, but they do get—Sit = Treat, but that is not reason, that is training.

It is in that way we are most like dogs.  They have an excuse for their submissive attitudes, they have been domesticated, de-wildered and damn, if they aren’t just loyal. But I wouldn’t trust them to drive my car, or pay my bills, because they just don’t understand that kind of stuff.  But humans, they do, or can. Do they? Or is it, that everyone is just trained? And some, poorly, I might add. But it is even worse, people are foregoing their capacity for reason, and just living like dogs. It is beyond not creating art, it is the beginning of the last days of the law and social de-evolution. It is in pretending to be trained, faking being real, apathetically pursuing change, but much worse.

Because we should know better. We do know better. Yet we still don’t do any better. You know, I am not a big fan of humanity, I say let it go to the dogs, dogs at least appreciate you. Whatever happens, happens, but when animals without the capacity for reason are looking wiser than those of us with it, then something is going way wrong.

My vote is for dogs all the way.


WTH? People. Dogs.

The debate of what makes us human more than animal arises ever so often, such as in the case of a young girl who’s story I read recently. This 7 year old girl was found by CPS in Florida, suffering from willful neglect from her mother. She slept in piles of feces and bugs on an old mattress, she weighed 48 pounds, she could not speak, walk properly, chew solid food (as her mother just fed her bottles rather than teach her), and they called her a ‘feral child’.  A feral child.

What is wrong with this world?  How do we come back as a species, when we have degraded so far?  Apathy is the greatest plague of mankind, and when it is intermingled with the second greatest plague of mankind, hypocrisy, we are doomed for devestation.

So, I ask, how does a girl, a baby girl, get to be seven years old, and can’t talk, or walk, not because of some prenatal debilitation, mind you, but out of sheer, unadulterated, willful neglect. A feral child. A feral person?

This story has become more and more common, yes, I have heard others, but not as bad. Where do you start? How do you fix this?  What can we do, to make sure, this doesn’t happen again?

My first instinct was to drive to Florida and drag that lady out of her trailer park and pistol whip her in Veterans Park, in front of the crack heads.  To be fair, this is always my first instinct when I hear of such heinous atrocities being perpetrated on unwitting children by selfish, pathetic parents.  No child asks to be born into this mess, but if you decide to have them, then you damn well better be prepared to take care of them, and if you can’t, then give them to someone who will, or so help me, jesus christ, is it so hard, to make a fucking good decision on someone else’s behalf, who didn’t ask to be here?

People drive me mad. I no longer think pistol whipping is the only option. I believe in karma, and there are times when, well, maybe, it is, but only as a last resort. Fair enough?  Now, I pray/meditate. I attempt to deflect and demolish, and disintegrate rather than perpetuate. It is a struggle, because if there is an “I”, even an illusory one, it believes these people should be publicly flogged.

I try to let it go, but it pisses me off. People and dogs, rutting mindlessly, wallowing in filth, embracing animalistic tendencies over reason. But wait, dogs do not have the capacity for reason. Snap. How embarrassing for us.

Get it together people. If you can’t afford them, don’t have them, if you don’t have an over-abundance of love and affection for humanity in general and another new human being, do not have children. Because, honestly, I am not sure how much more of this I can stand.

At least we can fix dogs. Or eat them if we get hungry. Babies? Not so easy. small bones, real fleshy.

Seriously, this world is in real need of an attitude adjustment. We either need to step up education or start putting birth control in beer, because this shit is out of control.

A seven year old, weighed 48 pounds and knew no words, out of sheer neglect. How the hell is that happening?

Hello world! Meet the Gypsy

It’s on.  Let us see what you’ve got.

This is my blog. These are my rules. Let’s get down to the nitty gritty. Let us explore the Truth. But if you are guilty of bullshit, I will smite you might-ily.

Religion is absurd. And I can tell you why. I can break it down for you. Throw me your best curve ball.

Politics is more of a joke than religion. Challenge me, I will show you the light.

Knowledge is useless. Oh, I know what you are thinking, but you know so much, gypsy, how can you say knowledge is useless? Glad you asked. But, before I tell you, I need you to ask, like you really want to know.

I want to dispel myths, delusions, illusions, and forsake allusions, intrusions, and confusions. Will you come play?  Give it to me.

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