Here’s how it ain’t about Hallowed Ground.

IF “Hallowed Ground” meant ANYTHING to ANYONE of those chanting it, they would be renouncing anything but Tepees there. STFU. So sick of your f’ng hypocrisy.  This country was founded by ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. Ask any Native if they want your Anglo ass here. Just because they did not have an Ellis Island does not diminish what we did. So, it just stinks of hypocrisy when we start going MINE MINE anywhere on this continent. Get over yourselves. This ain’t yours, it ain’t mine. We inherit it from our ancestors and bestow it to our descendants.

IF you had any TRUE appreciation for Hallowed Ground, you would be able to see the Bay from midtown. It is what it is, it ain’t what it ain’t.

The concept of Hallowed Ground does not begin with what America thinks it owns. Other people, long before us held that land sacred, and we did not give two shits about that did we. Is it only wrong when it offends US? Balderdash.

Fakes and phonies.


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