Anti-Universe Could Be Found By Giant Particle Detector Headed To Space

But there again, you are saying the universe is a whole, which it is not. it is not whole, nor a whole, unless you are speaking of a capture of time in specifics. what you describe is the delineation between meta and manifested physics.
Reality is change, not a stasis. It is for that reason, it would be true to describe the nature of the Conditioned world as non mathematical, as there seems to be no underlying logical structure to war, poverty, greed, love, death. But that which we cannot speak of, true reality, the absence of all such nonsensical categorization that we have created and agreed upon, it may very well be mathematically based but with a formulaic structure our minds cannot grasp, yet.
if it bothers you to think that the world can be calculated, don’t think that, i would never try to sway you away from your comfort zone.
it takes all kinds. and I believe we find what we seek. i seek logic. it is the journey. logic gives me comfort and does little to diminish the beauty of the universe.
not everyone need to see roses and rainbows, i really dig learning about photosynthesis and light refraction. roses still smell and sweet and ROY G. BIV.
to each, his own.
thank you for sharing your views.
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